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Do nice guys ever finish first?

Asked by Optimism101 (101points) June 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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Yes. And like most guys, they occasionally finish too soon.

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@Niki. Are you talking about books? Figures, since you are so well-read…

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Only if they’re nice about it.

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HAHA! That was a great one nikipedia! you never disappoint. hehe.

I would suggest they do. Sometimes they get put through the ringers. Also, they have to realize that you can be a nice guy and still stand up for yourself and not take guff.

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Not according to Leo Durocher.
Men are pigs. To bad we own everything.

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@shilolo: Books? Is that what you call it in your house? Sure, then.

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Been the first is not always bad. Specially if it’s just lame and you want out.

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Now for the honest answer where I go all Bill Clinton on you. It all depends on what you mean by “finish” (and not in the way that Niki said). In the short run, nice guys do finish last. So called bad boys tend to “do better”, since less mature women seem to gravitate to the edginess/action. However, in the long run, nice guys do tend to finish first (since the women realize in the end that sincerity and stability count for more than deceit and volatility).

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Depends on the girl just as much as the guy.

Usually, no.

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Yes, in heaven not here but that’s ok because this world is finite and heaven in infinite :) so you bad people who think you won anything by your slick bad ways are fooling yourselves.

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hahaha.. I must admit that was a good one niki. Perhaps I should’ve elaborated more. For the sake of a long explanation, this is a story of boy meets girl, girl plays boy then dumps boy, boy becomes bitter decides to play girls till he realizes that’s not happiness. But now boy realizes that the past always comes back to haunt and now it seems like you have to be twice as nice, to make you interesting. The whole yeah I just used to hook up for the sake of hooking up isnt popular amongst the nice girls.

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Oh, fine.

I’m not sure “nice guys” is a meaningful term. And if you ARE a “nice guy”, and someone chooses not to date you, it is almost certainly not because you are a nice guy.

In the end, I think nice people tend to find each other, and shitty people who deserve one another get stuck with each other too.

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“Nice guys” aka “wusses that let people kick sand in their face” always finish last. Confident, assertive at the right time, approachable, honest, and just a little bit lucky guys tend to finish a little better.

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Hey I’m not a wuss Im just… your right. I’ll go get your soda…yeah I’ll pay for it…

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no, nice guys can finish first if they’re patient and know what they’re doing. Most don’t finish first though because they go beyond being nice to just plain stupid. I think of myself as a nice guy, and mostly that means 99% honesty (hm, I bet someone will ask to explain that) and generosity. Other things about you have to make you interesting, not your “nice guyness”.

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jerks get the girl
said girl figures he’s a jerk
nice guy rescues

They get married, have kids, own a house with a white picket fence, and live a long life happy.

At least that’s how it should be.

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It kind of depends on what we mean by “bad guy” and “nice guy.” I think that a lot of women want sexy bad boys when they are young and at some point come to the realization that all the so-called “nice guys” of the world will make better long-term partners. The first boyfriend I ever had was always getting into trouble, starting fights, smoking pot, etc, etc. I would never want to be with someone like that now. Sometimes the bad boys grow up an become a little more mature, making them better long-term partners. I think the real diamond in the rough is to find a mix of the two. A guy who treats you really well but also has a sexy edge. I’ll admit it turns me on a little bit to hear about my BF’s “bad boy” days of yore, but I’m really glad that he’s settled down a little bit because I’m ready for someone who’s more mature.

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Naa..if they’re really nice they wait for her to finish first..and then splooge on her belly.

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Only in the movies.

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