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What type of fish goes well with goldfish?

Asked by fish_horses (7points) August 15th, 2012

I have 3 (not fancy) gold fish, and I wanted yo get some more, but not sure of which ones to get, any ideas?

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Well anything can live with them so long as it isn’t aggressive. Goldfish are dirtier than most fish (more ammonia than normal) though, so I wouldn’t get anything too fancy or difficult to care for.

Gold fish also prefer it slightly colder than most fresh water fish, but they’re very hardy and would survive happily in a tank 10+ degrees above their preferred setting.

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Not too terribly important as goldfish are best used as a garnish.

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I’ve never had goldfish, but I suppose you could never go wrong serving it salmon or tuna.

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The tuna fish or the pamplet fish

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No i meant in an aquarium

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I’ve had a look around online, as this is not a question I can reliably answer, but I have discovered on a specialist goldfish site that there are issues involving the size of tank you want to put them in – apparently they are quite dirty among the fish world. Also, the best comment seemed to be that if one fish is small enough to fit into another’s mouth it will eventually end up as food, eek!

Welcome to Fluther @fish_horses – don’t mind our humour on here, we’re a sweet bunch really! (Questions in Social often end up with little puns in – if you’re really after very specific answers you could try asking in General?)

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I always had a Shubunkin in with my Goldfish, seemed to work well.

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