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Can you recommend some toys for a 4 month year old?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) August 15th, 2012

Thanks! Links would also be greatly appreciated :D

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Price range?

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You can’t go wrong with stuffed animals. Make sure there aren’t any choking hazards. Anything colorful and chew tolerant is good too.
Edit: And makes noise too is good.

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@Judi Open to all possibilities :D

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I’d go with a nice activity quilt. This is the age where babies need lots and lots of tummy time. They are learning to roll over and are preparing to crawl. An activity quilt will provide hand and eye coordination and an interesting place to play while stretching and wiggling little legs and arms.

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The cardboard roll from the toilet paper, the keys to your house, the box of crackers after the crackers are eaten, filled with cheerios and resealed, tennis balls, and your wife’s favorite earrings, preferably still on her ears.

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That age is about ready for an exersaucer

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I would think that a mobile would be stimulating and appreciated.

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I figure the same type of stuffed animal you would get Golden Retriever.

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Beach Ball, also a huge stuffed toy elephant :-)

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Am I the only one wondering what “4 month year old” means?

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@ccrow my brain skipped that one :D

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My children all loved this type of activity centre. It stimulates them mentally and develops eye to hand coordination. They also liked the board type activity centre with bells and balls that move or beep when they bang them. Colour, noise and interactivity.

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Stuffed toys would be best so that he/she can snuggle him while sleeping.

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An activity blanket is good. That’s a blanket with lots of different textures and things to play with. My daughter’s busy blanket had a little mirror that she loved back then. It gives them something to do on their tummies. Lots of babies don’t like tummy time and need something interesting to distract them.

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