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My PS2 says 'Not a PS2 disc' when it is one. What's going on?

Asked by BBawlight (2432points) August 15th, 2012

I bought KH 2 for my playstation 2 slim and it’s saying it’s not a ps2 disk when it is one! What the heck?

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Make sure the disc is clean and not too scratched. That could be causing the confusion.

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That’s not it because it’s nearly brand new.
My bloody Roar 3 disk looks like we ice skated on it but it plays fine.

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Is it a “newer” PS2 or an “older” PS2? I had a first generation PS2 that did the same thing because the laser reader burned out.

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I got it figured out. The front of the disk had a small scratch. The front of the disc holds all of the information, so I just swapped it out and the other one plays fine.

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