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Mmm, apples and peanut butter; what's your go-to snack?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) August 15th, 2012

Title says it all! ^^^

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Whatever’s in the fridge and still edible. XD

I love tuna, and it’s quick and easy to just open a small can and chow down. I get these spicy Thai flavors, and it comes with a red pepper inside. Also keeps my cats from sniffing around me the whole time I eat it haha.

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Cheese and crackers; add a crisp, tart apple or some red seedless grapes to make it a very hearty snack.

But sometimes only baby carrots will do.

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Fig bars and oranges.

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Nutella spread sandwich ftw!! :D

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Banana with some peanut butter on it

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Recently Indomie goreng or mie goring; I’ll make it in the morning and snack on it throughout the day. Otherwise cheese, dark chocolate, or bananas are always a safe bet.

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frozen blueberries with milk and cinnamon

also, apples with peanut butter

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Nuts. Almonds and pecans specifically. Peanuts are good too.

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These Trader Joe’s French truffles are one of my favorites! They aren’t always available but I get them when I can which is not often enough. I can have one or 2 and be totallly satisfied so it’s a guilt free indulgence.

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I am not one of those “eats just about the same thing everyday” kind of folks. So it is hard to say. Maybe popcorn or a yogurt?

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I rarely snack, but when I do it’s usually a chunk of cheese, jack or Colby jack, both very mild cheeses.

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Baby-bels (those little round cheeses), nuts, and dried apricots.

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Cheese or nuts.

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I vary my snacking, and I don’t snack every day.

In the fall, a honey crisp apple.

In the summer watermellon, canteloupe, strawberries, banana or pineapple.


Grilled cheese sandwich (is that snack?).

Ham wrapped in iceberg lettuce and mustard for dipping.

Pita or bagel chips with hummus.

Bowl of cereal (is that a snack?).

On very rare occassion a pop tart or flip cracker.

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Blue berries and other sorts of fruits.

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Skinheads on a raft.

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Popcorn with whatever I can dream up to put on it : black pepper-garlic-parmesan, butter-red-hot-chili-powder, sometimes even butter and fake orange cheese powder pilfered from a box of mac-and-cheese…

Carrots and ranch dressing.

NUTS of any sort, and pita chips or pretzels.

whole wheat toast or rice cakes with Marmite…

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Nuts, rice crackers, breadsticks. Anything savory, really.

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