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Any suggestions for this burn-treatment issue?

Asked by Nullo (21973points) August 15th, 2012

I burned my thumb and forefinger on the range, and made the foolish mistake of sticking the wounded digits in the freezer. Now I must keep them cold or suffer the burning agony, unless YOU, dear reader, know a good way to break the cold dependency before the burn has gotten over itself.

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Keep the burn immersed in cool water.

And stop voting Republican :)

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@nikipedia An intermediate step, hey?
I only vote Republican when I don’t like the other runners. :)

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You’re going to feel the burn at some point. You could pop a couple cubes into a zip-lock bag so you can at least walk away from the fridge. Didn’t your mom teach you not to stand there with the freezer door open?
Apply silvadine creme if you have any. And get ready for withdrawal at some point. Be brave, little soldier!

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@Trillian I’m using frozen vegetables and ice packs so that I can sit here and type. :D

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Manuka honey, definitely manuka honey, slather the burns in the stuff

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Cold water, never ice. Well, you can have ice in the water to keep it cold. But, never ice directly on a burn.

Is it blistering?

Tylenol will help. I recommend Tylenol over ibuprofen or Alleve for this sort of thing.

Aloe if you have it.

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Peas finally have a legitimate use! But don’t refreeze food after it thaws!
One “l” in GAAAAAHHH! Never mind.

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@JLeslie No blisters, mercifully, just intense annoyance. I think I have some Tylenol around here…
@Trillian I started enjoying peas early on, so these are frozen chunks of celery.
@Adagio Sadly, the only stores in the area that would carry that are both closed.

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@Nullo Take the Tylenol and let me know if it is a little better in an hour. My mom swears by A&D ointment to help the healing, but I never bother. Just, whatever you do, don’t put any lotions or reams or butter or anything like that.

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The only thing I can suggest, other than the tried and true treatments is Rescue Remedy Cream

@Rarebear will tell you that it’s hogwash, baloney, nonsense and snake oil and he would pretty much be right. There is no scientific basis for it’s efficacy and no science supporting it’s efficacy, but it works for me. Basically, Rescue Remedy Cream is a cream/ointment imbued with the “vibrations” of flower faeries or something like that. Even I know that’s complete hogwash, but it works for me, for burns and other skin problems.

As my mother used to say “There is sometimes a very fine line between actually feeling better and just thinking you feel better.”

Anyway, at least I am not advising you to use homeopathic and alternative therapies to treat yourself for cancer, infections, psychiatric disorders, broken bones, Parkinson’s Disease, heart and kidney failure, MS, etc. that sort of thing..

Bottom line: it seems like a relatively minor burn, I have burned myself countless times on a great variety of really hot things, and no matter what you do, you, like I always have, you will almost certainly recover and go on to lead a perfectly normal life. :-)

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@lillycoyote That’s assuming he led a normal life before this. ;-)

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There is a burn numbing cream u can apply. It takes the burn feeling away. You can drive to the chemist with your sore bits in iced water or have them deliver.

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@Trillian lol. You’re right. I hadn’t considered that. :-)

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@Nullo I didn’t realize that celery could be frozen and then eaten. Makes me feel a little…

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@lillycoyote Worry not, I am not worried for it. I pilot a couple of fire beasts for money; burns are old hat. It’s the treatment that I screwed up on. :D

@Trillian AFAIK most veggies can survive a couple rounds of freeze-and-thaw. Can’t say that it improves the flavor any, but that’s why there’s salt and hot sauce.
My life has been perfectly normal. I was separated from my family at a young age while we were on safari. I left the car to use the tree and when I got back, they had left. I spent the next ten years living with the bushmen of the Kalahari. I never quite managed to fit in, so I left, walking for days until I reached civilization, whereupon I was reunited with my family. Even now, however, I feel cramped in the city. XD

I eventually just went to bed. There’s some slight blistering on the index finger, but the nerves have gotten over the surprise.

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Maybe put some neosporin ointment on it for a few days to protect against infection and should help with healing.

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@JLeslie The ol’ skin is still solidly intact; I think it should be fine.

@Trillian I forgot the ~.

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Dangit @Nullo. I totally bought that.

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