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What does it mean when I get angry during working out?

Asked by whiteliondreams (1717points) August 16th, 2012

Hi, I don’t know if it’s a psychological issue or a physiological issue, but when I work out, especially running, I tend to develop a great deal of testosterone and become very angry during the run. Afterwards, I do not feel this sense of “elation” that many people experience during and after a workout.

Does anyone have any idea why? It bothers me because I don’t want to work out because of that. I am healthy and in good weight. I maintain my weight through cardio and strength training.

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It’s not an uncommon strategy to use anger to power oneself through difficult tasks, especially for people to whom anger comes easily. Anger is a source of energy, and that energy can be channeled to get stuff done. My wife consciously does this. She tells me how, back in her backpacking days, she used to work up a good anger to get her over tough stretches of trail. She still occasionally does it to get through dreary jobs. It’s a powerful source of energy. Maybe your military training taught you this.

The downside is that, as you’ve noticed, the physiological aftermath of anger doesn’t feel so good.

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I would guess it is more likely Adrenaline than testosterone if we are looking at chemical changes in the body. But, I am not a doctor or scientist, just a guess.

My first question would be, what are you thinking about while you run? Is your mind wondering to topics that agravate you?

Next question, are you pushing yourself hard physically? Anger can help you push through something physically difficult, again I think it gets the body to release Adrenaline, which gives people a burst of energy and strength.

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I try to push myself considerably hard or fast during a run, but I am usually listening to my “running music” because watching tv requires too much focus to run fast. So my mind is usually focused on my breathing, my speed, my time, and my distance.

Do you think adrenaline may be the culprit? I’m not liking it very much because it lasts for at least an hour.

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Could it be as simple as blood sugar dipping? I know that turns me into wolfboy.

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@6rant6 ooh yes, this. Low blood sugar does the same to me too. My moods and tempers have all but disappeared since I got my hypoglycemia under control.

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Hm, I never thought about that. Thanks @6rant6 & @downtide
I usually go work out early in the morning without breaking fast. Interesting.

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Steroids are not for you.

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Or maybe your physical activity disinhibits your psychological controls on anger that you have every right to feel. What are you angry ABOUT?

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