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What did you find exciting as a child that you now find mundane?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (4584points) August 16th, 2012

I used to love cleaning the lint screen in my grandmother’s dryer when I was young. There was something very satisfying about gathering up a whole sheet of lint into a little ball. Ever since I started doing my own laundry, however, it has just been one more thing to do. When the lint is hard to get off, I can’t just stop playing with it and move on to something else.

What sorts of things did you once find fascinating or exciting that are now just part of your everyday life?

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I was fascinated by something very similar when I discovered that running my hands across our new carpet created balls of fluff out of nowhere.

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I loved roller coasters as a kid then I started driving. Now, as Roy Hawkins said, the thrill is gone.

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Making tea. I would love to get everything on a tray, milk pot, sugar pot , tea pot. cup and saucers, teaspoons and a plate of biscuits.
Now I make tea every day without all the “Englishness”... very boring.

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Measuring my penis with a length of elastic, which did prove bloody painful, twang…... owwwwwww!!!

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The idea of having a pager. The idea of cordless phones, the microwave, cable tv,

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Theme parks.

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I used to be obsessed with woods and thought they were made of magic. I lived in Baltimore, though, so everytime I found woods, it was special and I would play fairy princess in it. But now having lived in rural New England for all this time, I’ve learned that woods aren’t filled with unicorns, just deer who eat your flowers and run in front of your car.

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Penny candy.

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For the first 18 years, there was this little wooden door in the bedroom wall. Dirty clothes could be dropped down it, and they would magically appear a few days later, all washed and pressed. As a child, when friends came over to play, we would set up forts at each of the doors on three floors and chat to each other by sticking our heads inside.

Now that Mom can no longer maneuver stairs, the basement level, where the washer, dryer and iron are, has taken all of the magic out of the clothes chute.

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When I was little, I loved gnomes, fairies, elves and other ‘woodland creatures.’ My imagination had me convinced that they did exist on some plane—I’d even leave things out for the Borrowers. Naturally, I grew up and lost interest.

When my daughter was around 4, she started talking about fairies, elves, etc… one of my favorite things to do is to pretend along with her. I took her into a “fairy garden” and adored how she was just consumed with wonder. She’ll soon (if not already) be out of that phase but I appreciate the reminder of what it was like :)

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