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Do you feel less drunk when you are being active?

Asked by ashxmy_lovee (161points) August 16th, 2012 from iPhone

When you’re walking around and moving a lot do you not feel as intoxicated as you would if you were sitting down?

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On a lower level of intoxication, I wouldn’t feel it as much if I’m being physically active. However, on greater levels of alcohol consumption, really doesn’t make much of a difference after a bit. I feel it whether I’m active or not.

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If I’m really intoxicated, moving around makes me want to puke.

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IIRC, exercise can help you sober up, at least if you’re not too drunk.

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Yup! I’ll be drunk as a skunk and dancing and having a great time. It’s when I stop and calm down for the night that I realize, Oh crap!

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Generally, I never feel drunk until the next morning when I’m at work and still not sober.

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In general, yes. I’ve been quite drunk but didn’t notice it as much until I sat down and realized how dizzy I was…

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I’m actually just the opposite. If I’m sitting around the table drinking, I don’t feel the full effect of it until I stand up to go to the bathroom or something. Maybe it depends on how you start out…

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The opposite for me too. I can sit down and drink some and then when I get up I can’t balance easily and everything is a bit more blurry and I realize I’m drunk, then I go to the bathroom, look into the mirror with a big grin on my face “yeaah, I’m drunk”.

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Yes when I have consumed a large amount of alcohol and I just sit around I tend to be a little more woozy than if I am dancing or even doing something that requires movement.
However if I sit around and drink and socialize when I stand I definitely feel the liquor.

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No, I feel drunk more quickly if active whereas sitting down, say at dinner with guests then I occasionally don’t feel drunk until I stand up.

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