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Have you already bought your FLUTHER t-shirt?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

Is it cool? I was thinking on get one..

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asked 6 days ago (to give you more answer choices of course)

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Still no because my old paypal account (wasn’t even aware I had one) has been closed down and I can’t use the details I had in it :(

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Honestly, I’d love to have one just to represent what I’ve spent every hour of free-time on during the last three days. But that’s the only reason. I mean, other than getting people to ask what Fluther is, I don’t see a point to get one. Although I’d love to support Fluther, aren’t there Fluther wristbands and stuff?

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Yes. It arrives on Friday. Then I’m going to wear it.

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The only reason I found this place was because I found that t-shirt, I’m waiting for the payment to clear yet :)

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Order and Received them on 6/4, and I love them all… Three different sizes! They are absolutely darling… By the way, I’ve already worn one of them! They fit great too!

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I got mine but it was SO teeny tiny that I can’t wear it. I’m not a big person and I ordered a size up from the usual since it said they’re a snug fit. SNUG! Yikes. I’ll give it a kid, I guess…

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Sent one of the tee’s to my daughter in Maui-Hawaii! Soon, Fluther shall be everywhere…

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