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What fictional character do you strongly identify with, who is described by most other observers as a horrible person?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14625points) August 16th, 2012

I ask after years of thinking Don Draper was the one character on television I truly understood and felt empathy for. Apparently, most people feel he is a horrible person.

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Who’s Don Draper?

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Magneto from X-Men.

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What’s X-Men?

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John Galt

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@josie she knows that one I bet.

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I read bits and bobs of Atlas Shrugged when I, at age 12, was on a ten-hour train ride to camp in Maine. By the time I disembarked, I knew I was not going to be a Rand fan.

And no, I don’t know. Have I been culturally deprived?

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@gailcalled The X-Men are a politically-conscious group of (improbable) mutation-powered superheroes created by Marvel Comics. Frequently praised for their realistic depiction relative to the DC heroes.

They’re making Part 2 of the Atlas Shrugged movie, for all of you who don’t want to read it.

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@Nullo:Thanks. I’ll add that to my lists of things not to do.

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@gailcalled a short video introduction to Don. He is the one in the suit.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought: As luck would have it, I need a new updated Adobe Flash player in order to watch videos. So far, I have been able to download but not install it. Any ideas on that?

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@filmfann Ouch! are you crochety? I know you’re smart, but hopefully not crochety : )

The only person I can think of for me is the housekeeper in Wuthering Heights. I loved her, but I guess a lot of people think she should have kept quiet. Although I could never see why she wanted to help Heathcliff, he was such a douche.

Oh God, I just figured it out

She really did want to help him to be a better person.

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Jason Voorhees. Not because I was wronged and that I now feel all must fucking pay, but just because I can’t swim.

True story.

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Hunter “Grendel” Rose

The Major from Hellsing


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@josie – who is John Galt? sorry, couldn’t resist . . .

Julia from __The Magicians__ and __The Magician King__.

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@josie Ugh, John Galt is such a windbag. He didn’t seem like a fleshed-out character to me, just a mouthpiece for Rand’s viewpoints. Sorry. :(

A fictional character I identify with is Jane Eyre, but that doesn’t really count for this question. The people in the story who don’t like her are portrayed as bad guys, and the author is on her side. She’s kind of self-righteous, but she always follows her own moral compass, even if she suffers for it. The ending of the story isn’t completely happy, but it works for her. I like that.

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@Haleth At least you validated my answer to the question. And you are correct. The philosophical system the Ayn Rand called Objectivism is the only reason he is in the book. John Galt’s speech on the radio is Objectivism in summary. His actions, including when he is being tortured by the “collectivists”, are examples of it in practice.

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Norman Bates, only because I like to wear granny’s pinafore dress & enjoy stuffing birds, well, xmas turkey anyway.

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Michael Corleone from The Godfather for those who don’t either don’t know (tsk tsk tsk) or don’t remember.

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