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Would you turn down a job because of the shift/hours?

Asked by chelle21689 (6786points) August 16th, 2012

Found this job that sounded pretty good and makes 30–35k starting. It’d be my first corporate job. I went for an interview and I got a call back asking me to come in for the 2nd step to their interview. I would have to work for 8 hours in their environment while they observe me…NO PAY. Also, the hours are 2nd shift. I hate second shift. There are no other shifts, it’s just how their company works.

I thought it was going to be first shift. I know it sounds stupid but I can’t help but be so turned off by the idea. I never was happy doing second shift because I feel like I’m not living life and that my whole day is gone. If it was first shift I probably wouldn’t even care about the 2nd step process of being paid nothing for 8 hours lol….

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Yes I would, and yes I have. Well I haven’t turned them down, I just don’t apply to them in the first place.

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Yes, if I was not desperate for a job. If I could afford to keep looking there are shifts I would not take.

I worked graveyard as Night Clerk at a hotel for about 8 months, it was really hard.

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It all depends on how badly you need the job and the money it will bring you. I have never been the sort to look for the “job of my dreams” or a job that would “make me happy.” I took jobs based on economic need. And I looked upon them as a method to finance my life. I never lived to work, I was always a work to live person.

What is second shift, 4 to 12? That doesn’t sound too bad to me???

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I actually prefer the night shift. I get more done because the phone isn’t always ringing and the suits are out of the office.

It also fits my hunting and fishing activities better.

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That depends on how badly I needed the job, and what else I need those hours for. I’m trying to get away from shift work altogether.

@WestRiverrat makes a good point; night-shift has its benefits. Then you’re done and have much of the day still.

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I didn’t know what the schedule was like because it wasn’t listed. A lot of the jobs I am applying for doesn’t seem to have a schedule any where…

They have something similar to what I want with my career but not exactly. Good pay…looks like a fun team to work with. But I’m not in desperate need of a job, I have a job although pay is low. I’m not struggling.

I’m also worried about the two classes I have for school which may affect my work once I start that. I’ll be graduating Jan 6, 2013

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@chelle21689 first I would find out if they will accomodate your class schedule. If they won’t put it in writing, don’t accept the job. As long as you have a job now, the degree will help more in the long run.

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By the way, does it seem odd to work 8 hours for no pay just for observing them? That’s pretty long..

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being observed***

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Yes. Hours I hate are very difficult for me. But, my evaluation of hours that are difficult when I was your age was can I wake up that early? Not, I hate my day feeling like I have no life. But, that’s me. If you would dread it every day, I think don’t do it.

Would they move you to first shift when it became available? I would be willing to do a shift I dislike for a limited period of time.

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Their office hours are 11:30am-8pm and he also told me that is what the hours are. It’s just how their company works. No other shifts. The man owns his own small company.

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I asked for those hours whenever I could get them when I worked retail. I love being able to sleep late, but not be working a very late shift until 9:30 or 10:00. Now I would not want it because I am married and my husband comes home quite early. But, several years ago he used to go to the gym after work, and not get home until 7:00, so it would have been ok back then. If I were still single I would happily work 11:30–8:00. No rush hour, get errands done in the morning if I need to. Squeeze in a doctors appointment without missing work. Friends go out late at night anyway when I was in my 20’s, clubs didn’t start up until 10:00–11:00 anyway. But, that’s me.

If you hate the idea, don’t do it.

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I feel like I’d feel guilty if I turn down the job because I feel like it’s a good opportunity with good pay….like I’m supposed to but I am really dreading the schedule. If I take this, I have a feeling I won’t be able to just relax without having to rush going to the gym, homework assignments, boyfriend time, going to places before they close, etc. I’m not so much worried about clubs at all because like you said they go out late and well I don’t go out as much as I used to.

I just hope I find another good opportunity another time. Patience is a virtue..

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Why does the shift matter with the things you named? You can go to the gym in the morning, unless there are classes you take that only run at certain times. You can still sleep over your boyfriend’s and I assume it is M-F and so is your boyfriend’s job? Homework in the mornings I guess and weekends. I’m not trying to convince you, I fully support you if you can’t stand the idea of that schedule. It seems to me a full time job is going to be difficult no matter what. If you naturally wake up very early and go to bed early, I can very much understand why the 11:30–8:00 schedule would not be appealing.

Will the commute be short? Already you won’t have rush hour concerns. A job that is 8:30 – 5:00 plus rush hour would eat an extra hour of your time possibly. Or, do you use public transportation?

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I guess it’s just how I’ve always done things all my life with first shift. I hate going to the gym early, I’ve always gone during the afternoon. In the morning or if it’s too late I just have no motivation. It’s just now the way I want to run my life….

The commute is 31 minutes…not too bad. I agree that not having rush hour is an advantage…but with school being downtown and having classes start at 9am..I’ve dealt with rush hour before and know the times when to go when it’s not too bad if you wait a few minutes. I still prefer first shift although it may make me have road rage sometimes lol

I don’t live in the big cities like Chicago, LA, NYC, or Miami so traffic isn’t as crazy :P

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You said you’re “dreading the schedule,” and dreading is a pretty strong word. I just took a job where the schedule is noon- 9:30, and that does pretty much mean no social life during the week. For me, it was worth it because it was my dream job. It sounds like you have some serious reservations about the schedule. There will be other chances to get more pay and work your first corporate job. Unless this job is really important to you, it might not be worth it in this case. Plus the eight hour trial period sounds pretty extreme. Any employer who proposes something like that, will probably always drive a hard bargain with you. Go with your gut.

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I turned down two jobs during the starting of my career. Because I don’t want to do night job. But now I am ready to do it. Its all about your mind set.

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Them wanting 8 hours work from you for free bothers me. The more I think about it the more I think you should pass.

If you do work the 8 hour trial and get injured, if you are not on the payroll they can screw you over.

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I definitely would turn it down but that’s me. What I would do and what you should do may be two different things. Only you know how desperate you are, how much you need this job. I was never desperate, and always felt my life (life out of work) was important, and my happiness is/was important, and happiness is worth money (meaning making less and being happy is just as important or more important than making more and being miserable). I’ve had jobs where I was up in the night thinking about having to deal with a job I hated, and to me, that’s not worth it.

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I guess it depends on how bad you need the job.

If you are unemployed, why would you not take it in this job market. It is easier to find another job if you are currently on a payroll.

Plus the late start gives you time to look for another job, to exercise, write the Great American novel etc.

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yes, I would but it depends on the pay and the job. If some body paid me 90k a year to scoop royal dog poo with my hands and dispose of it at all hours of the day or night, I sure would…but that is just and example.

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Thanks everyone. I think I will be kindly turning down the job…the search goes on. Anyone with opinions feel free to continue to jump in because I like talking about this :)

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I would and have turned down jobs on 2nd and 3rd shift. It is because of the effect it would have on the rest of the schedules in the household.

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If I needed the money – no.
If I was independently wealthy or had other job opportunities – yes.
If it was my dream job – no.

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In some and in fact most cases a job becomes your life. So if 2nd shift is going to be your life then don’t except the offer.

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Most certainly yes. I work to have the money necessary to enjoy my spare time. If a job prevents me from having free time or makes it so that i can’t enjoy it (too tired/sleep dep/depressed) i’m not going to pick it up.

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Hey everyone. He called back again wanting to reschedule my 2nd step of the interview for another month because of a client! Who does that? That’s insane. I turned it down lol

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@chelle21689 Sounds like a good thing to do at this point. Happy hunting!

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