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State line road signs?

Asked by flash74686 (478points) August 16th, 2012

So this is for a school project… You know how there are signs at the state lines that say, “Welcome to insert state here?” Are there also signs that say, “You are now leaving insert state here??”

Also, are those typically only on the larger roads, like interstates and such?

I’m trying to find a sign that says “You are now leaving North Carolina,” but I want to know if they even exist (google didn’t help) before I go on any road trips. Thanks in advance!

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Sometimes. Other times, there will be a sign welcoming you to the other state, which sends the same message. Most people do their inter-state travelling on interstates. All Missouri-Illinois traffic must cross the Mississippi, which restricts avenues to what the bridges can provide. And there are signs on all of them.

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Between ND and SD they are only on the larger roads, it wouldn’t make much sense to put them on the gravel farm roads that only the locals use.

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I don’t recall “You are leaving…” signs from any of my road trips across state lines. And the big “Welcome to…” signs on the Interstate are not on the border, just the little signs.

The best signs are on roads like Highway 28 on North Shore Lake Tahoe like at Kings Beach.

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These look like they’re on small roads.

This is on an interstate.

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You don’t need to take any road trips. Google Maps is your friend. Go to “street view” and look around for signs.

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Like @zenvelo I don’t think I’ve ever seen a “Leaving Such-and-Such”. The “Welcome to…” sign is a clue for anyone who isn’t totally bereft of them that, yeah, you’re also leaving such-and-such. (I do think that I may have seen signs, maybe in Georgia or some other southern state with a “Y’all come back sometime!” as the closest approximation to “Leaving Such-and-Such”.)

I can say that the New England states don’t put up large “Welcome to…” signs along every road from every Podunk village and town, but they generally do put up a “Welcome to Our Town” sign with a smaller (barely readable) ‘New State Name Here’ at the bottom.

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I live near the NY/Ma border and there are only secondary or tertiary roads, many of them unpaved.

There is always a “Welcome to…” at the border. Often going into Ma. there will be a sign about buckling up.

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@thorninmud I love the wording on the Oregon ones.
“Thanks you
come back soon”

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Between TN and MS near Memphis on minor roads you cross “State Line Road” in some areas and you know you are very close to the state line. The roads also get crappier as you enter MS. I can’t remember if there is actually a sign welcoming you to the other state on the lesser roads? I don’t think so.

In NC I don’t remember seeing signs that let you know you are leaving the state. I have drven both north and south leaving NC. But, my memory could be wrong. Sometimes there are signs that say last exit before state line I think, or something similar. My memory is unclear. Last exit before turnpike, last exit before bridge. Sometimes that signifies also going into the next state and I might be confusing it.

Now that I just read the last few posts, I do remember seeing Thanks you signs and come back soon. So, they probably have them somewhere east of the Mississippi since I drive in that part of the country both north and south.

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Here’s the typical secondary road welcome sign in MA.

And here is one example from each state; not all-inclusive but fun to compare.

Welcome signs by state

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@gailcalled I loved looking at all the signs. I wonder where the Welcome to Hawaii signs are placed? The airports? Ports in general?

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