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I think this man is the best pet owner I’ve ever heard about. The dog is very blessed to have him as an owner and the man thinks he is blessed to have the best dog in the world.

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Very nice, Thanks for sharing that.

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I cried – literally. I feel the same about my dog. She’s old, has arthritis, and her end will be sooner than later. I wish she was the kind of dog that I could take in the water and do that with, but she has hair and it’s a 2 hour process when I bathe her.

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It is a refreshing beautiful story & brings me back to reality.

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I’m not sure, I would want to know more. When I saw the dog walk I thought it was in really bad shape. I would want to know about the quality of its life, does it still eat, is it still happy, does it in fact have quality of life, what is its mental condition. If the answer to all of those questions is positive then I applaud the man. If he is merely keeping the dog alive because he doesn’t have the heart to put it down, then I don’t have much respect for him. To me, part of the responsibility of owning a dog is to know when it is time to let it go and to hold its paw while the vet does the job, not everyone is willing to do that and often dogs suffer when it is not necessary. Wonder what he does when the water gets too cold?

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@_Whitetigress what do you mean that the story brings you back to reality?

It is a touching story. The gentleman is right when he says that when we give love it comes back to us. Too bad more people don’t remember that on a human-to-human level.

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I love this human and this picture gives me faith!

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@SuperMouse I’m a creative mind and am always dabbling in the news/currents constanly thinking what if, what about and etc. Brings me back to reality in the sense that this real, not a short film or something. So it’s a refreshing taste of reality

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I wish it were so easy to treat other humans that way. I wonder why we don’t, so often? Then again, there probably aren’t a lot of dog owners that treat their pets that way.

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The first thing I thought about was exactly that, @wundayatta. I wish we treated each other with such compassion, tenderness, mercy and love. When I’m hurting, will you carry me to the water to ease my aching bones? In all fairness, I’ve been carried and held to ease my pains many, many times in my life. Haven’t we all in a sense, one time or another? Even on Fluther? I have.

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@bkcunningham Sometimes I do try to carry people in the water. Other times, not so much. It has to do with whether I am empathetic with their problems or whether I think they are the problem.

Maybe if I did try to carry someone when I think they are the problem, they wouldn’t turn out to be so much of a problem. Then again, maybe they’d just take advantage me. Hard to know which outcome you’ll get to.

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