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How do I manipulate the default text size on Internet Explorer 8?

Asked by Adagio (12371points) August 17th, 2012

I’ve just started using Windows 7 and find the text size on Internet Explorer is smaller than I would like, how do I alter the size?

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Try Control and +. That should increase the size of the font. :-)

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Thank you @Bellatrix, I shall try just that : ^) : ^)

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Well I tried what @Bellatrix suggested but what happens is that it zooms and consequently the whole webpage does not fit on the screen. I know that the text size can be increased without incurring that result because I did it with my previous Internet Explorer window, I have just forgotten how I did it, so if anyone has any other suggestions I would be most pleased to hear from you.

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I don’t know if this option path is available for IE8, but with Firefox, View > Zoom > Zoom Text Only does that for me.

I have IE6, and the path is View > Text Size.

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I have found that it’s not possible to fully control the size of the text on IE (any version). You might want to try this though:

Tools > Internet Options > Advanced. Under “Accessibility” check the box for “Reset text size to medium…” It can’t be customised though, and if that size isn’t suitable for you, you’re out of luck.

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hold “ctrl” key and up down keys. yay success

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I’ve decided to simply live with the text size, most sites are okay, it’s just Fluther actually, thanks for your suggestions. It would seem that zooming is the only way to increase the font size on any particular website, the Fluther page is very full and does not fit on the page in full when zoomed, hence my decision to simply live with it.

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You should give Firefox a try. You can enlarge the text without the page layout changing so it doesn’t overflow over the borders of the monitor. However if you enlarge it too much you find that links sometimes overlap and are impossible to click. The most I can enlarge Fluther to is about 16pt but I prefer 22 when I can.

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@downtide Unfortunately Firefox is not compatible with the voice recognition software I use so that option is out for me but thanks for the suggestion anyway, much appreciated : ^)

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