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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Asked by snapdragon24 (1592points) August 18th, 2012 from iPhone

My strengths: intuitive, persistent, giving, loyal, honest , trustworthy and musically talented.

My weaknesses: emotional (dramatic), hopeful for unhopeful situations, high maintenance, moody and lazy.

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my weaknesses: the tendency to interpret my strengths as weaknesses

my strengths: see above

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strength Big heart
weakness it breaks easily

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My strengths are my ever-increasing coping skills, a good understanding of what’s worth getting upset over (and more importantly, what isn’t), analytical skills, enthusiasm and appreciation for life, love for learning and trying new things.

Weaknesses… I have a hard time believing that worst case scenarios won’t come true which causes me a lot of fear and grief and discouragement, my sense of guilt regarding the ways in which my existence has had a negative effect on the world is inflated and out of control, stress “gets to me” very easily, not enough self-confidence, a dire lack of “street smarts”....

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Calm under pressure, leadership abilities, honest, insightful and of high integrity, able to come up with creative and innovative problem solving, humorous to a fault, creative and optimistic personality.

Weaknesses: Have a hard time with certain commitments, like to keep my options open, procrastinate some things, a bit of a dreamer, impatient with what I consider ” stupid” people. lol

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Strengths—resiliency, persistence, patience, loyalty, adapt easily to different situations, environments and people, hard worker, ability to see many perspectives, tactful and nice, considerate, generous, creative, flexible, responsive, very good at last minute tasks

Weaknesses—see above. (agree with @tom_g—they have flip sides!)

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Strengths: Hard working; Good sense of humor; Dependable; Athletic and health conscious; Hight level of perseverance and pain tolerance; Positive; Never whine or complain; Empathy for those who complain; Resourceful; Frugal; Jack of all trades; Know a little about everything.

Weaknesses: Old; Beauty-challenged; Baldheaded; Master of Nothing; Know a lot about nothing; I beat myself up pretty bad when I screw-up.

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Strengths: honesty, communication, kindness, fairness, empathy, creative, loyal, intuitive

Weaknesses: over-sized empathy gene, lack of ambition, lazy, and unhealthy

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My strengths include not taking pop psychology seriously, recognizing that no psychological assessment of any kind that is entirely in multiple choice format or that takes fewer than two hours to administer could have anything resembling scientific validity, and that self-assessments primarily reveal what people wish was true of themselves (since tests of that kind are largely an excuse to let our cognitive biases run wild).

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Strengths: Diligence/perseverance, excellent concentration, good at communication and passionate about teaching, sense of humor, emotional intelligence, more self-aware and reflective than most people in my age-group, kind, generous when I have anything to share, can get along amicably with all sorts of people

Weaknesses: a depressive temperament since childhood, difficulty making decisions, does not adapt well to change, difficulty maintaining personal boundaries, avoids conflict/confrontation, procrastinator, does not cope well with solitude, tendency to beat myself up too much/hit myself in the forehead with the anxiety-hammer, addictive personality (ugh, I’ve been smoking for almost ten years…)

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Strengths; +6 dmg to the undead.

Weaknesses; Unfortunately I can’t lay waste to regiments of zombies just by looking at them, because I’m not a high level paladin. In fact, I’m not even a paladin at all.

Ermz. I’m patient, in fact very patient. Empires will crumble before me before I even start panicking.

Which is fuckin odd, because my weakness, as I would perceive it, is actually just that, panic. When it happens, it’s like I transform into something else. Something totally unwilling to listen to reason or think anything through. I’ve done many stupid things because of this. As far as this is concerned, I’m missing a significant element of balance in my brain about action/reaction. I can be patient and cool headed for a hundred years, but if that doesn’t work and I freak out, then all hell breaks loose for me. Which is why I’m really glad I have fortitude in patience, as it possibly saves me from doing more stupid shit than I already do.
I got a lot of anxieties and worries that gnaw at me for days, weeks, months, but I’m glad that I can be as a mountain against them, at least usually. Or so I think.
Prolly wouldn’t have drinking problems if any of this shit was true. XD I also wouldn’t give up on so many things, or dismiss everything as bullshit and not worth my time if I actually had the strength of patience and calculation. :/ My strengths may be false, but eh, so far it works I guess.

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Jokes on you: my weaknesses are my strengths.

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@DrBill Me too: big heart – gets broken easily.

@tom_g well said.

@Mariah, why would you stress upon worst case scenarios coming true? Just live life with caution and a sense of awareness. Anything can happen…yet its true that a lot of us believe that the worst won’t happen to us, BUT, its a better way to deal with life. Also, we cannot be paranoid of who we are and how we affect others. We may do bad for one person but we may do good for another…and that we cannot control.

@Coloma I would consider being a dreamer as a positive thing and impatience for stupid people too haha.

@linguaphile I like your strengths. The ability to adapt to all types of groups is an excellent quality.

@gondwanalon, there is beauty in aging and thumbs up for your general knowledge.

@augustlan I have the same weaknesses as you. Over-sized empathy can be a bitch, especially when you see goodness (something special) in someone that is at present unloving and destructive. I end up getting attached to these types in hope that they will see the light. It be can be emotionally draining…

@Patton I completely agree.

@bookish1 – you sound like you suffer from an anxiety disorder…if so, do you do sports? Write music? Best thing to do is find a hobby that demands physical and mental activity :)

@Symbeline I like the way you express your strengths and weaknesses. You forgot to mention – Humorous as a strength :)

@Blackberry, commmeee on buddy be more specific!

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@snapdragon24 : Thanks but no thanks. I know exactly what I suffer from. Major Depression most of my life (not at all uncommon among people with a chronic disease… I’ve never been medicated, and I am much better at handling it now), serious introversion that I have made work for me (c.f. being in a PhD program at the age of 23), and lingering social anxiety resulting from being transsexual in a world that’s not expecting that.

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@snapdragon24, I appreciate your advice, but trying to apply logic to anxiety is usually quite fruitless. I have, of course, tried. I am getting better at managing it. It is hard to stop worrying about worst case scenarios when they have, in fact, come true many times in my life.

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@Mariah and @bookish1, my apologies if I’ve offended you… I too am a very anxious person! @bookish1 im impressed with the handling of your depression, shows alot of strength. @Mariah your right. I dont know your actual situation but I hope your worries aren’t constantly eating at you :)

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@snapdragon24, no offense taken. My apologies for coming off a bit unfriendly. It was nice of you to respond to everyone like you did. Welcome to Fluther. :)

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@snapdragon24 : Thank you for your kind response. I wasn’t offended, just a little miffed. I have a number of problems, it’s just that an anxiety disorder is not one of them :-p Great question by the way, it’s an interesting thread. Peace.

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strength: sensitivity
weakness: sensitivity

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