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If all jellies put their heads together, could we come up with the ultimate question that we think might get ten thousand responses?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) August 18th, 2012

Can we? : )

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Can we count to 10,000? I’ll start… 1….

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Let’s read Moby Dick word for word. I’ll start: Call

As per @linguaphile‘s answer: 3

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The theme of the question being????

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@Kardamom Ishamel.

@MilkyWay You’re a 4 (since @ZEPHYRA didn’t play)... 5 :D

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I don’t think so. It’s been my experience through many years’ involvement in publications that things contrived to get attention and response typically fall flat. It’s the seemingly innocent and offhand remark you think no one will notice that will let loose a barrage of controversy and commentary.

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Why not pick up where Astrochuck started? If you can deal with the load time :P

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I don’t think so, because Fluther doesn’t paginate its threads.

I think most people would stop replying once it generated about 500+ answers, because of the increasingly long load times.

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Yes… but from my experience such widespread public attention wouldn’t be comfortable. I have to go into hiding every so often from telling an extremely powerful story. Like that time travel is real and that the world will be destroyed if I don’t have enough power to fight a space alien in time, It gets hard to hold a job when people start wondering if I am insane or am a real time traveler or both. All I really want is my own place to tell stories and to get paid for my troubles, and if that money goes to fighting space aliens from the future, then so what. I would like some venue where if people don’t belive then they can pay for a cool story and that if anything I say is true that I get a chance to speak my mind and not get attacked for saying whats on my mind.

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Of course, but why?

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When there are too many answers to a question I often don’t respond even if I have a strong opinion because I feel like no one will read my answer anyway. I think you would find a small number of people contributing a lot of posts, which isn’t all that intriguing.

Also, fluther has a pretty small active user base, at least it seems a lot smaller than when I first joined (march 2009). In fact, only a few of the people I’m following are still even here.

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I honestly can’t think of one single reason to do so.

So, no.

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I don’t know, but if you put a spelling error in it, you will get 100,000 repsonses…

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@jerv – now that’s a good one! and true, I’m not sure if it is sadly true but definitely true!

7 who am i to stop the trend!

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Actually this could be done, you just have to know the triggers, like with @jerv, just keep telling him how wonderful macs are and he will keep telling you why they aren’t. There are many others as well, but i would get in trouble if I listed them, heheheh!

8 actually this is the 17th response, so not too much further to go!

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@rooeytoo Change that to iPad/iPhones, and I could get even more mileage than out of the Mac/PC thing :D

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I’d be afraid of contracting head lice.

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If we came up with a question relating to gun control, abortion, vaccinations, health care, and gay marriage, and then had it asked by a snotty teen who bad-mouthed all participants and Fluther in general, we just might get 10,000 answers.

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@Mariah you forgot circumcision and julian assange, they are good for a couple of thousand each!

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I find that claiming that not all Muslims are terrorists who want to kill all Americans tends to get a lot of responses from those who think that a well-publicized minority is truly representative of a group that comprises about one-fifth of the human population.

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If you took some duplicate questions, or questions with a similar theme, you would find several hundred answers, but I’m not sure about thousands.

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you know @jerv that brings up an interesting point, according to this source, in the USA and Canada 75% of the adults identify as christians, and yet they are to bow to the sensitive feelings of the remaining 25% which is divided into numerous other religions and a couple of atheists for good measure, and not put up a cross or a nativity scene or say merry christmas. I don’t identify with any religion so I am not a major player, but I do wonder what ever happened to the voice of the majority, when did they succumb to the vocal minorities? That always gets the anti whatevers going!

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@rooeytoo This trhead has slowed a bit, so lets pad the response count by expanding on that point until someone comes up with something more response-provoking.

In that vein, many Americans don’t really know anything about any other religions except that Jews are bankers, Muslims are terrorists, and Buddhists are ass-kicking martial artists.Think about this; how many Americans actually attend church? Or read the Bible? Of that latter group, how many actually know anything about the Bible? Hint; studies have shown that Pagans and Muslims know more about The Bible than most sects of Christianity. Christians may not be the majority that they think they are; we seem to have a lot of Agnostics running around. Also note that, at least in the US, Atheists are often seen as being immoral and actually slightly worse than pedophiles while Agnostics are seen as just as immoral but lacking the strength of an Atheist because we allegedly have no beliefs at all. So, with that in mind, how many are willing to admit that they actually don’t have a religion?

Now, even as a devout Agnostic, I see no real harm in a few crosses and mangers in December, and feel that there is no harm in having a religion that makes up a sizable portion of our population be allowed to display their faith openly. Granted, it’s a holiday that they stole from the Pagans, but c’est la vie. Some people are a bit too sensitive, but what it really boils down to s how much harm those beliefs do. A bunch of naked people dancing around a Maypole? Harmless. Depriving same-sex couples of the rights heterosexual couples enjoy? The best that can be said about that is the counter-arguments are fallacious and nothing more than religious bigotry.

BTW, you want to offend religious people? Eat a bacon cheeseburger. Some religions don’t eat meat, some (Judaism) don’t mix meat and dairy, at least two major religions object to eating bacon. Yes, the Bacon Cheeseburger is Blasphemy on a Bun! And the bun pisses off the Atkins Diet people too, so you can offend yet another group with it.

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@jerv I have said many times I think all religions are nuts but I also think the rabid atheists are as well. The only middle ground seems to be the agnostics, they usually aren’t out there waving their flag on any side.

And I have never liked bacon cheeseburgers but I may start eating them just for the hell of it.

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@rooeytoo Just for the he… I see what you did there :)

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@jerv – very astute! I was waiting to see if any of the rabid ones would notice!

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@rooeytoo I may be rabid but not so much that I feel like entering a conversation where I’ve been dismissed as nuts before I say a word.

That’s a waste of my time and yours. Plus, there are plenty of other spaces where those sorts of conversations are encouraged. Or were you hoping to inflate the post count here baiting atheists?
My bad. Carry on.

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I guess one can ask for more details on why people think Fred Rogers was a sniper?

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@fundevogel Topic changes are welcome. Care to educate us on mustaches?

@SpideySense He was kind of creepy in retrospect, and some people can easily imagine him on a water tower with a high-powered rifle when off camera.

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@fundevogel – hmmmm I perhaps did not word that properly. I have equal disregard for those rabid on most any subject, including religion, atheism, breast feeding, spanking. Rabidity is not exclusive to any one subject.

No baiting, just my opinion. Or did the rules change, are only rabid atheists allowed to post opinions?

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No, rabidity is rather widespread. As a veteran of the Mac/PC wars who defected from Apple when Linux developed a stable GUI, I know that quite well. Us tabletop gamers who are into GURPS and Shadowrun can always start a fight with the AD&D crowd by insisting that real gamers only need d6, so they can take their d20 and GTFO. Point out to a musclecar fanatic that there is a ‘72 Datsun that not only has more torque than two Dodge Vipers and can beat their beloved dinosaurs on the drag strip, but does so with an electric motor instead of a V-8, and you can cause almost as much frothing as using the word “engine” at a meeting of SEVA (the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association).

Rabies is everywhere. And since I have pretty strong opinoins on those and other issues, I have become a master baiter.

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@rooeytoo No worries. It did make me stop and think of how all the times us snarky atheists probably discouraged religious commenters with our cheek. It’s funny, as many times as we’ve rustled each other’s feathers I don’t think it’s ever had a thing to do with religion.

@jerv I am but a humble enthusiast. I creep through the underbrush with my binoculars at the ready, eager for a glimpse of the noble faceshelf in its natural habitat. But alas! It is a rare thing as the introduction of such unnatural species as the “soul patch” force it from it’s native land.

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Sadly, I cannot grow much more than you see in my avatar. While I could cover my cheeks as well, the problem is actually length. I work around a lot of machinery, and some of it throws hot metal chips. Then there are our heat treat ovens which are often >1700 degrees; hot enough to singe hair 10 feet away.

My line of work is not conducive to growing a decent beard or a mustache long enough to sculpt :(

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@jerv I understand. There are a few legitimate safety reasons to eschew facial hair and that’s a good one. A beard’s also a good way to ensure you’ll never get a good seal on your respirator.

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If we could get a famous celebrity to ask a question, I bet there would be thousands of answers.

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late to the party as usual

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The answer is 42, now for the question. . . !

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How many roads must a man walk down?

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no no no no no. The question CAN’T be known or the universe will dissapear and be replaced by something even stranger and inexplicble. This may have already happened.

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Do you walk to work or carry your lunch?

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Puppy bacon?

I mean… PUPPY BACON!!!!

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^^ ewwwwww

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@YARNLADY We have Lamb bacon at one of the local farmers markets.

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Slartibartfast! Call your office!

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42…heh heh heh :)

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