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In thumbnail view, a folder lost files and subfolders names?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (294points) August 18th, 2012

I’m running WinXP and a folder where I store my images, files an other folders, lost all the names when in Thumbnail view, but they appear in any other view. The structure is “C:/abc/images”
The odd thing is that the names dissapear only in that level, folders within “Images” display the names of the files or folders correctly when in thumbnail view. I tried creating another folder at the same level and transferring all files to that folder, then deleting the original “images” folder; but when I’ve renamed the new folder to images, the problem continued… How do I solve this without formatting windows?

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This is kind of tricky, and Windows folders can get funky especially if other people mess with them as well.

Anywho, try this: Inside the top level images folder, right click and choose “Properties”. Put a check in the box that says “Hidden” so you can see hidden files, in case that might be causing issues. Then click the “Customize” tab. Under “Optimize this folder for…” Click the dropdown and change it to “General Items”, then check “also apply to subfolders”.

Not sure if that’ll do much, but worth a try.

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Nope. not even a glitch. I did what you said, and turned on folder tasks (I use the default and simple windows98 themewith tasks tuerned off). Applied changes and then returned to defults for all folders inside, and they all behave as normal in all views. But the “Images” top folder still is with files/folders names missing. tricky, indeed. I think it might be like that problem when windows sometimes skips a space when you have a lot of icons in the desktop, it happens with some theme configurations. weird.

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