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What is the last thing that brightened your day, that most people wouldn't even care about?

Asked by DigitalBlue (7102points) August 19th, 2012

For example, I just found a really good internet radio channel that streams polka 24/7. I’m guessing most of you just cringed or chuckled… but this makes me really happy.
What has made you happy or brightened your day that you think most people wouldn’t appreciate, or wouldn’t have the same reaction?

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Seeing Red Kites, that really cheers me up, and I see them quite a lot!

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Elvis playing in the grocery store, and other sing a long music. I sort of dance in the aisles and sing a long a little. I do it all the time.

Oh, and when my husband laughs out loud while watching TV by himself.

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@SomeoneElse the birds?
@JLeslie when someone laughs at the TV it inevitably makes me laugh, too. :)

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@DigitalBlue Oh yes, the birds! OK so they are not the biggest birds in the world, but they are the biggest in MY world.

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I can understand that, I love watching birds of prey. We see them daily here, but it is always exciting to me. I’ve been known to stop my car once or twice to watch an eagle or a hawk. I think it’s good to still find little things in life exciting.

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@DigitalBlue That’s my husband. We were just in Alaska, and he was fascinated by the eagles. Every so often we have very large birds here on our property and he can’t get over it. We have many birds in general here. He loves them, except when they make noise at 4:00 in the morning. LOL.

Wildlife in general right? Just saw two fawns (so cute with their spots) and a few does earlier. Yesterday three bucks on the lawn at once. Our own wild kingdom.

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My parents live in an area that is pretty heavily wooded, so they get a lot of wildlife on their property: pretty birds, deer, even bears. I miss being able to look out the window and see things like that. We do get owls in my yard, but most of my nature watching from the kitchen window ends up being… squirrels. Eh, whatever, I like squirrels.

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My son shaved off his beard and got a hair cut. After a year of unemployment, he was getting very depressed, but now that school has started up, he is feeling better. He has received a government grant (not a loan) to go back to school.

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Laughing so much in one day that I actually realized I was laughing a lot. It was such a good day.

Pushing myself to run just one more mailbox farther than I have before.

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Just looking out the window at the green mountain that’s nearby.
That nature stands true and complete no matter what happens to mankind.
I’m so happy to be with nature.

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The last thing was last night when by chance I looked out the window and saw these long strands of cloud coloured red by the setting sun. They were immense and of course completely silent. I suspect most people wouldn’t have given them a second glance but I love clouds and just stared at them while they slowly faded away.

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A few beautifully formed sentences in a book of poetry. Gets me every time.

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Just looking down the street. Something about how the sun hits the distant trees calls for adventure. It is, at once, nostalgia and inspiration.

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Great question, makes us focus on the small things, smart stuff :-)

For me it’s going for a morning jog around 4.30/5.00 AM, just as the sun starts to rise. Amazing.

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Going in and checking in my daughters at night and watching them sleep

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A humming bird came to the tree outside my window and actually looked in the window at me while hovering.

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Great question indeed!
I got to make friends with a friend’s cat, and I haven’t been around a cat in months. I love cats so much, I even dreamt about him!

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@DigitalBlue That you like polka music just made me smile and brightened my day. I have an aunt and uncle that are great polka dancers. You made me remember their wedding. :)

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A robin singing its heart out in Spring.

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I was delighted with my times in a triathlon that I did yesterday. I finished 0ver 10 minutes faster than a triathlon that I did in June and 3 minutes faster than last month’s triathlon. I was 20 seconds short of first in my age class. That was so much fun. (I’ve been making a slow comeback from an ankle injury from last February)

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The fact that it was cool enough last night to sleep with my window open.

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Having a great bowel movement. Seriously.

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Finding a dead mouse last night (desiccated rather than maggot-infested) left in an area where I was bound to notice. Given all the hidey-holes in this house, the placement was deliberate.

Successfully writing a haiku in French for my brother-in-law’s sixtieth birthday on 9/6.

Remembering to pay attention to the new alert and dopey spell-check before I hit “send.”

“Interlibrary load” slipped by. “Get a Loan on, Fannie” did not.

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@elbanditoroso seriously, sometimes that’s a big deal.

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@DigitalBlue – and it isn’t something I share with my friends, either…

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Yesterday, I saw several red-tailed hawks and a vulture soaring on the thermals and several ruby-throated hummingbirds hanging around my sister’s bird feeder. Driving away from her house, there were two does and three dappled fawns; they allowed me and my car to get about 30 feet away before they scattered into the woods.

MIlo had a great bm this morning also.

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Oh, here’s a new one… I apparently lost so much weight being a starving student in France that I can wear old clothes that I haven’t been able to wear for years. Glad I held on to them! It’s like getting a whole new wardrobe for free… Which is good because I can’t afford to buy any new clothes for another year or so, haha…

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Last night, catching moths and hand feeding my little gang of tree frogs that hang out on top of a metal gecko sculpture under my porch light hunting every night.

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It is beautiful today! It lifts my mood so. Reminds me how happy I was when living in FL. I know the blue skies and warm sun makes me happy, but I try not to dwell on it. I will be having an early dinner al fresco to soak every piece of enjoyment I can with the wonderful weather.

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Very early yesterday morning, I was standing beneath a long white wooden arbor. Large drops of water from an early morning rain were clinging to the boards above my head. Every few minutes, I’d get plunked in the head by a wet drop that had escaped from a board from above my head. I moved from beneath the arbor and looked back for whatever reason.

The sun was shining at just the perfect angle to reflect in each and every water droplet causing the light to become refracted. Hundreds of drops of water became bright colorful lights, glistening and moving in the early morning silence. It was so glorious, I held my breath for a few seconds while I watched thinking it was my imagination.

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Watched the movie The Notebook while making friendship bracelets for my kids (all by myself – husband and kids are out of town visiting the grandparents) – I’m a grown woman but this made me feel young again! The movie reminded me of my husband and the bracelets of my children, yet when in my busy life do I have time to do either of these things except when they’re gone???

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@bellanora, welcome to Fluther. It is nice to reflect and have a few minutes of alone time. Having your family rejoin you is even nicer, IMHO. Nice post.

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Digestive health.

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My sweet little cousin’s laugh made me really happy. I love it when babies laugh.

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I had a burrito for the first time since September.

There were lots of hot air balloons out tonight, they always make me happy.

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A monarch butterfly landed on a pink cosmos and rested there just long enough for me to run inside and get my camera; then it flew away.

What I would have captured if I had been quicker


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I finally beat this level 56 Cursed Wolf in a game called Rainbow Moon. He was pissing me off.

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Autumn foilage behind my house, or anywhere for that matter. A nice hike sometimes helps the mood too. I like to read a good book, play a game of chess or play a good video game at times, and these help too, Sometimes.

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Oooh baby…the most incredibly sexy “young” guy —he was probably 30ish—was flirting with me in a store this afternoon. Pretty nice for the 50+ female ego. lol
Seriously though, he had one of those sparkling personalities like me, haha and we enjoyed a great little witty banter session. THAT’ is what makes my day, people that have the ability to connect and be playful.

Ten toes down to the gloom and doom crowd that look at you like you’re some freak of nature for daring to encourage a little friendly exchange, god forbid! haha

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Chuck Norris jokes facts.

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—Chuck Norris naked with a slurpee?—
Jeez, what is that guy, about 104 now? lol

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Chuck Norris doesn’t use pickup lines. He says NOW.

my slurpee and I obeyed

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