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Aliens finally land on earth - just like in the movies. They are not friendly. Would Earth win a war with them?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22756points) August 19th, 2012

Let’s suppose, for the sake of argument, that unfriendly aliens landed on earth. (Roughly paralleling the plots of The Invaders, War of the Worlds, Independence Day, Mars Attacks, and The Day the Earth Stood Still).

In some of the movies, humans win (ID, TDTESS, WOTW) and mankind survives. In others, well, not so good.

But those are movies.

What do you see as the real outcome of unfriendly aliens landing on Earth?

My view: mankind is destroyed or enslaved.

First, we on Earth never act as one people. We would argue for months on political issues regarding whether to fight back in the first place. And there would be some nations and groups that would ‘sell us out’ for personal survival. Throw in some of the apocalyptic religious groups who would be praying for earth’s demise, and it is a recipe for disaster.

But even worse, if an alien civilization has the technology to research us, travel here, and land here with a conquest plan, then they by definition would have the technology to annihilate us in a dozen different ways. Human thought (along with current disdain for scientific research) simply has hobbled us from making the scientific leaps required to build nebula-level defensive weapons.

My view is that once nasty aliens appear, we’re doomed.

Any ideas?

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I agree – if they can get here and they are not friendly, we’re toast. But those are some big ifs and not at all worth losing sleep over.

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You apes stand no chance.

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If they come here with conquest in mind, they will be far more prepared to attack than we would be to defend ourselves.

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If they can design a ship capable of traveling from a distant planet, they probably have the technology to destroy us.

Aliens in a romp.

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Yes, they’re most probably morons from outer space anyway & their threat would be minimal.

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I think the aliens would win.

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Interesting. If they are a war race, we’re toast. If however, they are a peaceful race that we pissed off by attacking them, we may have a chance. We would have the advantage of greater numbers and more resources. They would obviously have the technical advantage. A lot would depend on how much of their resources were devoted to weaponry.

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They are clearly much more advanced than we are and we would lose any war big time. The best we can hope for is to be kept comfortable in some kind of zoo or reservation. We shouldn’t complain, after all we have done the same.

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At the first sign of hostility yell “Klaatu barada nikto”. If that doesn’t work then hit the ET’s with every and all weapons available. It that fails, then we quickly destroy everything leaving them an Earth that is basically a “burned out cinder”.

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We have no chance. I would embrace our new overlords.

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What @captainsmooth said.

Plus, most of our warring technology is designed to be used against other humans, and I’m guessing those aliens probably have something a little crazier than we do. We would likely be extremely unprepared, and our efforts would be inadequate at best. I think our only true hope would be if we knew they were coming, and could perhaps strike then, before they get here. But even then…

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It depends on what they want the Earth for.
If they simply want the planet for its minerals, we are toast. However, if they need the water, air, vegetation, they will have to be careful how they attack us without upsetting the balance of nature. They couldn’t just sterilize the place without doing serious harm to all of that.
The smart way to destroy us would be to simply send us a message announcing how they will help us. We would fight each other over the rights to be first, and by the time they got here, the planet would be ripe for the taking.

btw, humans did not win in The Day The Earth Stood Still. We just got off with a warning.

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I hope that the aliens have some “save the humans organizations” because its all we have left. Also if they are so advanced maybe they will not notice us at first, as long as we stay the hell away from them we will have some extra time to decide what to do. Most mosquitoes don’t get squashed until they get ready to bite, but after the aliens find us annoying then the “kill the Humans”, campaigns will happen like the way that people spray for mosquito on Earth. So I say lets not be annoying anymore, and buy as much time as we can until other options are available.

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If an intelligent species with the capability to travel to us decides to get nasty, we would be devastated within seconds to minutes at best.

They could simply send a virus to wipe us out, or nanobots to eat us. They would not even have to land, they would not even have to enter the solar system, they could just send a probe on ahead of them with the necessary tools to wipe us out.

The options available to them would probably be more extensive than what our brain is even capable of imagining yet. They could have weapons so advanced, that we cant even imagine them, just like a rat can’t imagine building a machine gun.

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Depends. Is Bruce Willis available?

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I would say that as a species we are the most afraid of the figments of our imagination. We used to be afraid of the ‘deep water’ outside of our shallow shipping lanes…“there be sea monsters in those waters!”

We continue to be the most dangerous as a species against everything that we know exists. In my opinion this alien ‘fear’ is a fertile example of projection. another species is going to come wipe us out? Similar to the way we do to our own species? and the other inhabitants of this planet?

Having said that…If they can get to us, then we are ants to them, and hopefully they find us amusing, charming, and decide to keep us as pets ;)

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It would depend on their level of intelligence and technological advancement according to the Kardashev Scale. Michio Kaku talks much about this in his books that I’ve read. Personally I don’t agree with everything that Kaku says, and aliens reaching us may even be considered near impossible by many despite any level of technical advancement. According to Kaku we aren’t even at a level 1 civilization, so what really do we know? Chances are we wouldn’t win if the aliens were advanced enough to even reach us.

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If they decided they didn’t like us from our TV and radio emissions and that Earth had little use for them they could simply aim a few dozen iron ingots our way and run them up to 0.999 c.

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I’d protect you guys

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