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What's wrong with being liberal?

Asked by whiteliondreams (1717points) August 19th, 2012

No details.

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Interesting. What’s wrong with being conservative?
Edit: You realize we just kicked a bee’s nest?

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Absolutely nothing.

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What’s wrong with being neither? Or both?

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Liberals are all godless, satanic, atheist, baby slaughtering, fetus eating, gulag operating, death panel manning, gay, lesbian, paedophile, zoophile, muslim, feminist, marxist socialist communist nazi dictators that will destroy the Colonies and worship the penises of the invading demon hordes, that will befall the Earth during the apocalypse that those evil mark-of-the-beast-on-their-foreheads-carrying libruls will cause.

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@ragingloli: ...but man can they decorate a condo.

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Apparently, based on what I read and hear, not one damn thing. Now, say you’re conservative and you’d best duck and run for cover.

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I don’t know…their addiction to the coasts?

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Good question!

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Who can argue with Private Willis?

I often think it’s comical—Fal, lal, la!
How Nature always does contrive—Fal, lal, la!
That every boy and every gal
That’s born into the world alive
Is either a little Liberal
Or else a little Conservative!
Fal, lal, la!

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I believe there are two related criticisms that can be leveled at liberals: financially, liberals are willing to go into debt for reasons conservatives consider unacceptable (social welfare), and socially, liberals believe that the group should be responsible for the individual, rather than the other way around, such that an individual can be imposed upon for the benefit of other people.

I think these are perfectly legitimate concerns on their face. But conservatives have really fucked themselves by being total hypocrites on both issues. Financially, the right-wing party in the US has become MUCH spendier than liberals, only they are choosing to waste money on tax cuts for the rich, tax loopholes for corporations, and outrageously unnecessary defense spending. Socially, many right-wing policies infringe badly on individual liberties—consider the big two right now, gay marriage and abortion.

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The worst thing about being liberal is the moment you enter the United States.

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What’s wrong with us being liberals? We’re too decent to be close minded and intolerant, so we try to convince conservatives of their wrong thinking, instead of just telling them No. Plus we tell the truth and don’t lie like conservatives.

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@zenvelo cute.

There’s nothing wrong with being anything.

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Some people believe liberal = change and change = bad.

Personally, I think it is wrong to exclusively hold any extreme view.

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Liberals are wimps. I mean, really. You’re in a fire fight. Do you want a liberal doing whatever it is fighter boys do in fire fights? I mean, for god.‘s sake—I don’t have a clue what soldiers do. Shit! I don’t even believe we need them.

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Oh no, I sense a flame war coming on…

There’s nothing wrong with being liberal/conservative/Pastafarian. The only issue I do have is the extent that some people take their views. Individualistic and collective interests should be balanced and neither should be deprived, which I understand can be quite difficult.

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Many people would argue that liberalism is too idealistic.

I’m a liberal myself and I’ll admit to being idealistic. I don’t think that’s always a bad thing, though.

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They lose too many elections.

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Damn it, @nikipedia. Of all people, I’d expect you to get my shaggy dog stories. The moderators must be conservatives, because they don’t get my jokes. But you? Sigh.

The irony is that I have no idea what fighter boys do in fights, and I truly believe we don’t need the kind of military we have. But then, I’m a liberal, so what do you expect?

Does that help?

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Nothing is wrong with being liberal unless you are an extremist or you are militant. The same goes for every political allegiance.

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I hate labels of any kind. It locks you into rigid parameters.

I personally like to be flexible. I am liberal in many ways (although not the bleeding heart variety) and conservative in others.

I think each issue should be examined and evaluated individually, I don’t to automatically toe the democratic or republican line.

@YARNLADY – well said.

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We’re not hard enough on poor people and non Americans.

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Self-righteous comes to mind…

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The only thing I can think of is that simply by being liberal with liberalism’s associated philosophies and beliefs, that it pisses off conservatives who don’t agree with those philosophies and beliefs.

That’s all.

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