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Is the "Huffington Post" a reliable news source?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42291points) August 19th, 2012


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I have heard that the Huffington Post tends to have a slant toward liberalism. While I wouldn’t necessarily dismiss everything it has to say (like FOX News) I think it’s better to consult other news sources as well just to verify some facts.

I think the BBC is reliable by itself, though, right…?

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From what I know, Huffington Post gathers its content from around the web and its own bloggers. I recommend reading it with a critical eye.

I read all news with a questioning mind:

Is the writer quoting primary sources or secondary ones?
Does the writer have a qualitative grasp of the content of the story?
Does the writer have an obvious bias?

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What @Hawaii_Jake said should be the approach whenever new information is read. Particularly on the Internet one has to be careful of what they read. At least by consulting different news sources you can find common points that haven’t been drastically altered by the reporting party.

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All I know is they quoted me once – so really, how reputable could they be?

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Here is a list of it’s founders and main contributors or head control of the company. Check out their backgrounds and you decide for yourself what their intentions are. I wouldn’t really put them on the same level as Fox at all. Fox is paid for by the Republicans and it’s lobbyists hands down.

Kenneth Lerer

Time Armstrong(executive)

The Founder Here has a Cambridge Degree, has fought plagiarism allegations

Some dude who works there graduated from MIT

This guy has strong ties to Washington Post

Run by AOL

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HuffPo is an example of Advocacy Journalism.

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Most of the bloggers on Huffington Post lean to the left. I’ll read some articles on there, and even post a comment on occasion, but it is not my only news source. I would suggest mixing it up a bit and try to read other news sources as well. Even when it comes to science related articles I’ll try to mix it up a bit.

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(Guys….is “Left” conservative or “liberal”? I always forget which way is which.)

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@Dutchess_III Left is liberal in the States, though I’m not sure if it’s the same in other countries.

I hear Australia is reversed.

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@Dutchess_III My goodness gracious. Perhaps this may help: “lefty -> loosy”.

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@Seiryuu The liberal party in Australia is “centre-right” but Australia has more than two parties (including some that have both left and right ideologies at the same time) so the terminology is not actually reversed as such.

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Left liberal. It’s an aliteration, you can remember it that way.

Huffington Post leans liberal I would say. Lean, not left wingnut crazy bat shit. Some writers on their lean a little further than others.

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I mean they tend to only print factual stuff (they’re not immune from the false stuff), but they most definitely put a liberal spin on it.

I take it with a grain of salt when I read it.

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HuffPo does produce some decent stuff, and they cover topics that aren’t purely political, they’ve got a wide spread being an AOL property and all.

But they do lean liberal to a degree. Not to the point of Fox News propaganda, but their writers do have varying levels of a left slant. And the commenting community leans left in general but is not near as batshit insane as Fox news.

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I have found them to be reliable. They are a bit top-heavy on politics, though.

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Thanks….leeeeaaaaning to the left!

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Well I think that depends on the people . Also it would be better to consult with the other news sources .They can be able to provide you the best information.

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