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How would you categorize the woman politically who appears at 2:37 mark?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) August 19th, 2012

I recommend watching the whole video. It’s interesting.

Anyhow, from what you hear from her mouth, what would you classify her as? Example, Democrat, Republican and so on.

Screw Congress

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She’s a Tea Party Ditto head, who would lean Republican. She is not a Democrat.

I’ve always wondered where those people were in December and January ‘08/‘09. But once a black man came into put the brakes on the free falling economy, suddenly there was an uproar.

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I would think that it would be fairly obvious that she is a member of the Tea Party considering the video was taken at a Tea Party rally. Many members of the Tea Party are also Republicans, but not all, by any means.

What’s equally concerning is that the man the reporter originally interviewed brought a young child to that environment.

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Ignorant is how I classify her. She thinks the “government” is stealing her money. As if, somehow, she isn’t a citizen of this country who can vote or even run for office or otherwise influence politicians to spend her money as she sees fit. She’s a bellyacher who doesn’t understand that she’s not the only person in the country and that if others disagree with her and they have the votes, then their opinions will rule on how federal money is spent.

She somehow thinks the federal reserve controls tax dollars, which is so uninformed that I can’t begin to think what anyone could say to her to help her understand how the country really works. It’s really pretty scary how many people didn’t seem to learn anything in school. Then again, given how few people pay attention until it is way too late, it shouldn’t be surprising that people feel this way.

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The woman is fiscally responsible, but misguided. The reporter is a complete ditz.

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None of the above. She is an anarchist

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What a bunch of ignorant crackpots. End the Fed? The Federal Reserve runs the government? This is scary.
@Fly I noticed the child too. In that kind of environment it’s insane to bring a child. It just speaks to the level of intelligence there.

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@flutherother I misread your answer at first. I thought you said she was the antichrist!

Good an explanation as any.

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She is on the authoritarian side of the political spectrum, somewhere to the right of conservative. Fascist perhaps.

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@wundayatta, @flutherother My eyes told me that, too!

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