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My cat is sick? Help?

Asked by trypaw (332points) August 20th, 2012

My 8 year old cat Spike is sick. The other day he threw up liquid vomit all over my couch, then this morning I found large vomit chunks all over my room. Maybe 3–4 piles. He usually eats wet food, but I ran out and gave him dry food yesterday afternoon and evening where I usually feed him wet food once a day. (if maybe this has something to do with it.) Well I also noticed along with him throwing up he peed on my bean bag chair, and he started to try to diarrhea on my carpet but not much would come out/a tab bit of blood was in it (this also has happened his whole life, but not that much). I have a vet appointment at 2:45 this afternoon but I’m really worried and I don’t know what could be wrong with him. He has peed on the beanbag before when his litter is dirty but today his box was pretty clean. I also had him checked for diabetes almost 2 months ago because my other pet had passed away with undiagnosed diabetes and I don’t want to relive that. Can anyone please help?

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Is he drinking water. Don’t feed him at all in case the vet needs to do any procedures. Changing his food could have thrown him off.

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Cats and dogs get sick if they are used to eating one kind of food and then get fed another. I never understood it. My dog once ate a whole pumpkin pie and didn’t get sick at all. But when we changed from Eukanuba to Iams he was puking, farting and having loose stools for two days.

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When changing a pets food you need to do it gradually mixing the two types together not doing it alone can cause diareah and throwing up. A cat will usually pee on the spot he has peed on before regardless how clean you washed it they can still smell their scent on it so I would suggest throwing away the beanbag chair and getting a new one. I would take a sample of the diareah with the blood in it with you to the vets so they can test it.

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Now he is just laying in my bean bag chair. I cant get him to really play with anything and he wont purr. He always purrs. And I even scratched him he shows he likes it but he wont purr he just laying in the chair.

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Also I have changed my cats food a bunch of times and he never acted like this. He has even had this dry food before.

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He’s reacting to you, which is good. He probably has a bad stomache ache which is why he isn’t purring.. As they get older they like change less and less. Just let him relax until the appointment.

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Cats are definitely prone to getting ill when the food changes. Furthermore, if he’s picky (most cats are), sometimes if they don’t like the food change, they will eat other things they come across (potentially sickening them) , and you may never know it. Age is a factor in all of this as well, as it’s more difficult for them to tolerate.

Also he may have gotten a lot of his hydration from wet food in the past, and hasn’t compensated properly by drinking more water. Cats get dehydrated very easily and it’s a common issue causing those types of symptoms. The vet appt. is certainly the best idea. Just keep him comfy and make sure he gets plenty of water until then (unless otherwise instructed by the vet).

Please do keep us posted on his prognosis

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It could be just the change in food. Plus maybe a UTI which can be cleared with antibiotics. I hope the appointment goes well and keep us posted.

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If it were me, I’d observe his eating patterns… is he at least still eating and drinking water? That’s a very important question.

Second to that, regular ‘illness’ may last a few days and subside. However an issue worth noting might continue on.

If after a few days, the cat is still exhibiting loss of fluids (vomiting, diarrhea, etc), I’d take it to the vet.

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They ran a fecal and blood test on spike. Both tests came back clear so I’m hoping it’s just the food change last night. I will be keeping an eye on him for the next couple days. He seems like he is feeling better already. Thankyou everyone for your help. :)

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Yay, good for you and Spike. As they get older they get more finicky. :)

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So glad all is well. :)

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I’m glad Spike’s vet’s appointment went well. It sounded to me as though your cat ate something bad. Perhaps he ate a mouse or something he found outside somewhere. At least when a cat vomits or has diarrhoea they are clearing out their system of whatever is bad. The only fear is they may become dehydrated and they are so small they can get dehydrated very quickly if they stop drinking.
It might just be a coincidence that his food changed briefly at this time. Personally, I could never give my cat only dry food. I know dry food is neat and clean and packed with vitamins but you can never guarantee that a cat will drink all the water it needs with dry food and that can lead to kidney problems and cysts so I’m glad you give him wet food most of the time.

I hope Spike stays happy and healthy now for many, many years. Did he get a treat after all that excitement? I always feed my cat Boo a little bit of the meat I am eating just to add a bit of interest and variety to his diet.

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Well now he is still throwing up. :( I got him Royal Canin special 33 yesterday and he just threw it up 10 hours later. Since the vet he has thrown up everyday but Wednesday including just right now. He is acting normal but I don’t know what else to do my vet prescribed him Metronidazole and catlax, but I don’t think they will help him. I don’t know what is wrong with him. :(

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Some cats will gorge themselves and then vomit it up when they are stressed out. Are you seeing almost whole chunks of catfood? Another theory – hairballs. Also, older cats start to vomit more. Our 14 year old cat now does it almost daily. The vet always says she’s fine – it’s usually food or grass she’s gotten a swallow of when she’s hanging out on the porch.

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@keobooks Sometimes chunks or just a mound. But its been almost 3 days since his last incident so I’m getting hopeful this new food is helping his tummy.

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It’s not just food changes that can upset a cat, but the ingredients in the food. My tabby cat was vomiting and we didn’t realize it was because he was allergic to the wheat and chicken in his food. Once we took him off the grocery store food and gave him a food for allergic cats called L.I.D. green pea and duck, he stopped vomiting.

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