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What names of people have become nouns, verbs, or other forms of speech?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30553points) August 20th, 2012

I can think of “quixotic” from Quixote and “to bogart” from Humphrey Bogart.

What others are there?

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Nixonian was a popular American adjective some years back.*
Sandwich and Boycott have been discussed here before.

*For that matter, we also have the “Americas” themselves.

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Freudian slip

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Benedict Arnold

Are we talking just famous people here or just names in general? Cause if its the latter I can think of a huge list of names.

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I believe there’s a whole book devoted to eponyms out there somewhere by one of those people who earn a livelihood by writing about language for a popular audience. Here’s a starter list. Follow the links for more.

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Jack, Peg, Pierce, Grace, Sue, Hope, Dawn, Will, Josh, Mark, Candy, Dot, Chuck, Pat, Ralph, Carol, Peter, May, Drew, Bob, Jimmy, Rose, Grant, Bill, Rob, Wade, Dick, Luke,Drew, May, Chase, Lance,Roger, Stu, Ray, Tom, Rush, Jimmy, Max

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@uberbatman : I guess I’m thinking of famous people whose names have made their way into common usage.

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“From this day forth, all the toilets in the kingdom shall be known as… Johns!”

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He pulled a Clavin.

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Cheating a little, but here are some examples used in cockney rhyming slang…..
Mae West – Best
Mariah Carey – Scary
Marilyn Manson – Handsome
Meryl Streep – Cheap
Michael Caine – Pain
Mork & Mindy – Windy

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Arnold Palmer

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