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Filmfans, are you saddened by Tony Scott's suicide after finding out he has an inoperable brain tumor?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25284points) August 20th, 2012

Top Gun, Crimson Tide and Days of Thunder. Just a few of Scott’s impeccably directed big Hollywood movies. He was there with his great cinematic works long before the likes of Michael Bay came to the stage. His next project was suppose to be Top Gun 2!

He jumped off a bridge at the age of 68 and apparently left a suicide note.

If I’m not mistaken, I think he directed Hunger in the 80’s. That’s how I first got to know him. This bare yet classy elegant vampire movie. I’m gonna miss his movies for sure.

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I recently lost a very good friend to brain cancer. I think he lived around a year after his diagnosis was confirmed. People said he had a good death. He was able to work through a lot of things with his wife and son, as well as spend time with some good friends.

But for whatever reason, he didn’t want to see me after the last meal we had together. Neither me nor my wife. Since he has gone, however, my wife has been one of his wife’s closest, if not the closest friends.

Scott chose not to deal with a drawn out death. Yes, this saddens me. Dying is not easy, and it can be painful emotionally and physically. Who am I to judge what anyone choses to do about avoiding that pain? I’m sure he could have gotten something out of it. I’m sure his family would have appreciated it if he had lived longer.

I have another friend who was diagnosed with some fast-acting cancer. They told him he had a week to live. When I tried to call him, he wouldn’t talk, but I spoke to his wife at his bedside, and I overheard him saying, “If I have to die in a week, I wish I could go now.” He died three days later.

I feel bad for him. It is a horrible thing for anyone to find out and sometimes I think about it, and it’s a scary thought to think I might one day be told this news. But I’ll just live as long as I can stand it. We’re all different, and Scott made his choice. I hope it’s not a decision I ever have to be faced with.

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Death is always (almost) sad for those left behind. I congratulate him for taking things into his own hands and sparing his family the long painful road he and they would have had to experience. I hope I would be as brave.

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Quenton Tarantino really liked how Scott directed both True Romance and Crimson Tide, as opposed to how he didn’t like the way Oliver Stone directed Natural Born Killers. That says a lot.

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The way I see it, since medically assisted suicide is illegal in this country, a splashy suicide is really the only effective option.

Good for him for having the courage to follow his convictions.

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According to TMZ, he did not have brain cancer. Just wanted to update you. I know it’s TMZ, but over time (and coming from someone who has seen first hand how they work, having lived in LA and worked in Beverly Hills), TMZ has shown to be a VERY reliable resource.

If that’s the truth, I wonder what the real reason was . . .

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I am sad that he got an inoperable brain tumor. I can’t blame him for taking his life. I knew someone who died of a brain tumor. It is no way to go.

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Not in the least bit sad, his best movie for me was Enemy Of The State.
His brother Ridley will forever be considered the better movie maker & rightly so.

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I’m sad, but I also respect him for what must have been an incrediby difficult decision.

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