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Comedienne Phyllis Diller has died at 95. What are some of your favorite memories of her long, funny career?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32641points) August 20th, 2012

I remember, “You know what keeps me humble? Mirrors!”

What do you remember?

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The first things I think about when I think about Phyllis Diller are cigarette holders and crazy hats.

For the younger Jellies who may not know this great female comedian, she did the voice of the Queen for A Bug’s Life.

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@Hawaii_Jake, did you ever read Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol? It is the book that Diller said changed her life.

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It isn’t nice to speak ill of the dead, but I never found her funny. I think she was gutsy to accomplish what she did after raising a family, but I wasn’t a fan. Sorry.

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I remember her doing funny bits with Bob Hope.
She also did a lot of 60’s daytime game shows. She was outrageous.

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@bkcunningham : No, I haven’t read that one. I’ll look for it.

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I found it on YouTube, @Hawaii_Jake. I heard her talk about it in an interview. I’m going to listen to it being read aloud on YouTube.

I don’t think it is scientific, but I’m interested.

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Whew! Just logging on after a busy day. I did not know Phyllis Diller had died today. I’m glad she had a long, lusterous and prosperous career. I enjoyed her humor, which was mostly directed toward herself.

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(And Augusta has admitted two women. Somebody start a thread in memory of Diller who was a groundbreaker for women in mens roles.)

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Met her in the mid 1960’s, different person when she wasn’t “On Stage.”

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I’m just going to remember her deep voice, like Burl Ives after a few too many neat whiskeys.

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She used to wear some really awesome gold lamé outfits.

She was really funny and made lots of disparaging remarks, but they were all directed at her, at her own looks and shortcomings, so she didn’t come off as being insulting. We could all relate to what she was saying. She was like the opposite of Don Rickles and Joan Rivers, who IMO are very un-funny and kind of mean spirited. Although Joan can be pretty funny, at times, most of her material is just mean.

When she had plastic surgery done, in her way later years, she looked pretty damn good. As you can see Here

As opposed to Joan Rivers who doesn’t.

I loved her nasally yock yock yock laugh.

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