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What kind of questions have you been seeing on Fluther lately?

Asked by BBawlight (2400points) August 20th, 2012

I’m just wondering what have been the most frequent question types or are there any types of questions asked that kind of pop out to you. I’ve been curious while looking at the questions in General Section and kind of want to do an analysis on what people are concerned about as of late.
I would rather you say something like:
“In social and general I’ve noticed——-”
“In all of the sections——”
You get what I’m saying? Try to do the sections separately and together so I can get a thorough examination.

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If I do get what you are saying, you want us to do your analysis for you (or you kind of want us to). The data is there; do your own research.

What have you noticed?

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I’ve noticed that the few questions in social that inspire creative answers in me, also inspire me to annoy the moderators enough to get shat on. Most of the rest of the questions are pretty boring. One does what one can, but if one is not allowed to make things interesting, there’s little to be done. We need more people who want to play!

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I’ve noticed in all sections that people are looking for answers to questions they had in mind in the summer of 2012, lately. I don’t believe there is such thing as a bad or good question. Every single idea in the world is subject to subjectivity.

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Politics, religion, and relationships seem to be the perennial favorites. As the election gets nearer, political questions have been on the rise.

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Allsorts, like the licorice.

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I’ve seen a lot more game questions in social lately.

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I’m noticing more questions on politics, presumably because it’s the current big news in the US at the moment.

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Way too many political ones. I use fluther alot, I get many of the people who use fluther happen to think along liberal lines, like I do. I would prefer if we left some of the political stuff alone if only to keep the conservative folks feeling a part of the community, I am interested in what they have to say and don’t want to force them out.

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I think that political questions generate more interest and engage more people. I know the ones I’ve asked have gotten a lot more traffic than other questions. People are truly interested.

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