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Forgotten book title?

Asked by intrepidium (1230points) August 20th, 2012

Does anyone know the title or author of a book which was written by a Western i.e. Caucasian chap who with his family in China set up and ran a small lodge in one of the provinces? He left China and wrote a book about his time there and I’d like to read it but can no longer remember enough to track it down…

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The Inn of the Sixth Happiness? It’s about a woman who set up an inn. Based on a true story, and made into a movie.

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Is it CHINA CUCKOO by Mark Kitto (Constable & Robinson)? I remember he opens a lodge where he serves mainly tea and bacon sandwiches which are loved by the Chinese.

A former Welsh Guardsman, Mark moved to China, became a ‘mini media mogul’, fell foul of the Communist Party and ends up moving his family half-way up a mountain in Moganshan. Mark’s story has been described as a kind of rural Chinese version of Peter Mayle‚Äôs A Year in Provence.

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@WMFlight – That’s it!! Thanks so much – it was driving me nuts, the feeling that I knew it but was just beyond the fuzzy edges of my memory! :)

@zenvelo – Thanks for the suggestion too even though it wasn’t the one I was looking for – I did look up the book on Amazon and the real character Grace Aylward who inspired the story and it looked really interesting, so I might read that as well :)

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