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What have you promised yourself lately?

Asked by JLeslie (59519points) August 20th, 2012

Here is my list:

To not be on the computer between 4:00–9:00 daily.

To tidy up/organize for 30 minutes daily M-F (inspired by keobooks). Cleaning is not part of the 30 minutes.

To not be so short tempered with my husband. It’s been bad lately, because of other stressors, and I hate that I sort of take out my frustration on him when he is not the real cause.

Research a food cart business.

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I think it’s hilarious that you just asked this question not one hour after I said to my daughter “Promise me you won’t do things just cuz other people think you should”. And she said “I promise me, Mama.” tears in eyes

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To get things done!

To keep in touch with extended family.

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That I wouldn’t cry when saying goodbye to my oldest daughter earlier this evening (she’s leaving for college tomorrow). I failed miserably. :’(

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To give my recommended foods diets a chance. Right now I’m pretty depressed about the horrible cravings I’m having but I’m desperate to feel better and curious if it could really happen so I’ve promised not to be so snarky about it all.

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((((@augustlan)))). It will be okay. It is difficult to let go of our children. That is natural. But don’t ever forget that they come from you and you are a strong and beautiful woman who passed your strength and knowledge to your children.

Here is my list. I am working: To find and keep my peace and my center. To be good to myself by being attentive to my physical and mental health. To feed myself spiritually and seek the face of God. To be good to others.

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To try to pay attention to all of lifes joys everyday, no matter how small they are.
To go to the gym at least 4–5 times a week and build my strength up.
To stop and manage lifes stresses with a smile and remember tomorrow is another day.
To eat healthier.

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(((( @JLeslie )))) You’ve had a rough time of it lately. Find time to be good to yourself.

You will have to share the information about the food cart and your plans when you are ready. That sounds really exciting and like a new path in your life. Exciting.

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That this is going to be my best semester ever. And it damn well better be, or I won’t get back to France next year ;)
To not friggin smoke no more. It’s been 10 years and it’s about friggin time I stopped.
To keep exercising and stay in good shape.

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I have been smoke free since May 1. You can do it, @bookish1. Don’t allow that little piece of paper and tobacco to control your life. Don’t pay for something that is killing you. Best wishes with your goals. You can do it.

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@bkcunningham, Congratulations to you, and thank you very much! 60th time’s the charm…

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Thank you @bookish1. I am proud of myself. I used Chantix. It is a miracle drug. You are young and strong and you have so much going for you. Your health is the most important thing in the world.

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To clean up my thinking. I need a huge big broom for that. Eat better and go to bed earlier.

Maybe sell my home and move, although that is still on debate.

But to get the strength to do the necessary one day at a time.

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To become a nicer man than I was earlier and with humility serve the needy.

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I promised myself a miracle, simple minds & all that.

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Not to work so many hours each week and to get more physical exercise. Complete failure on both counts so far.

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