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Why would a record in Japanese print be worth more during eBay auction?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) August 20th, 2012

I’ve noticed that from bands that are from 1980’s Japanese prints go for way more on eBay. Second tends to be Italy, Germany, U.K., Australian then U.S.A.

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Japan is in the public eye more these days. Auctions of this sort hinge on a coolness factor, and people think that Japan is cooler, right now, than Europe.

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They are rare. Compared to American homes, Japanese apartments and homes are small. They do not have the space to keep old “junk” around. Many Americans simply put their old records in the basement, where they have been sitting for decades. Most Japanese discarded their records as soon as they got the next, latest and greatest audio system.

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Maybe fewer of them had been manufactured, thus making it rarer.

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Simply down to rarity

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Less copies out there thus worth more today.

Also, the thing about foreign releases of western bands is that there is frequently special B-side songs that are exclusively released only on say the Japanese edition of a record. This is still a very frequent thing that happens today. And sure you can download those “Japanese exclusive” songs. But the only way to own a physical copy of that song is to buy that rare Japanese release of that record.

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