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What is this movie? (description in details)

Asked by yannick (985points) June 3rd, 2008

All I can remember is that there are a bunch of people trying to pull some kind of a job on a casino, and they drill under a main road with a massive machine to get to the casino’s vault… Vague, I know, but I have to know what movie it is…

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One of the Oceans, perhaps? :P

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Ok, solved. Sorry to all for the dud question… I thought it was one of the ocean’s movies but obviously they were wrong, it was Ocean’s 13…

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It wasn’t that Lady Killers movie with tom hanks was it?

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Yeah, the lady killers with Tom Hanks are digging for the vault of a luxury steamship, but they are mainly digging with spoons.

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I’m going with The Lady Killers. Any one seen the original?

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It’s got to be Oceans Thirteen.

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