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What are some sports that you wish were more televised?

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) June 3rd, 2008

for example, i love lacrosse and i think its an amazing sport to watch, but it isnt televised enough

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I was typing Lacrosse as I was reading your description, woops! I totally agree. I also think that rowing isn’t televised enough, the Worlds would be great to be able to watch.

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World Soccer. I guess Americans don’t like it as much as we Europeans.

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@shrubbery, i have a friend from school who was on the rowing team so i watched a rowing match on tv that i found. it was actually pretty cool.

@seven, when i went to mexico for spring break that is all that was televised, so i got bored of it quickly but it is a cool sport

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I think it’s amazing watching pro rowers. I like to find videos of races from the Olympics, it sends shivers down my spine watching their skill and sheer determination.

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yeah, youtube is always great if it isnt televised

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I wish to be able to watch rowing at a normal time. During the Olympics they only broadcast tapes of races at 3am, or some other ridiculous time when no one is actually awake to watch it.

@shrubbery Every time I watch the youtube video of the US men’s 8+ final from Athens, I get those shivers. Even friends who have never seen rowing had the same reaction. It was amazing.

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Xtreme Games are hardly ever televised :(

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The Premiership (English Premier League)

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Yes, that’s the one I was thinking about when I said that! I wish I could find videos of some of the great Tasmanian Olympic rowers in their pairs, doubles and fours (e.g Simon Burgess, Steve Hawkins, Anthony Edwards, Tom Gibson {taught me to row, yay!}) but I haven’t been able to.

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More coverage of WOMEN playing sports, specifically soccer and surfing.

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sailing! Kinda hard to televise but it would be amazing, it’s been done.

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There should be more professional Ultimate Frisbee Leagues.

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Curling! It’s like the most underrated sport ever. It’s so fun!

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Competitive sheepherding is fascinating television. When at school in London, I used to watch at every opportunity.

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je joue au ping-ping.

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College Baseball—I think it would be great to have a regional and national game of the week. The regional game of the week would be Friday and the national game of the week would be on Sunday.

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I don’t know the name of it, but people in the south like to get catfish out the water with their bare hands…that should be interesting.

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Pole Vaulting

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drifting? In not sure if drifting is a sport but I love it.

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hell yea lefth Curling is awesome. Also wheres the sumo wrestling??? Id watch that all day long if it was on tv.

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Ultimate Frisbee. It’s crazy that it’s not more televised. More people play Frisbee regularly (800,000 people) than lacrosse and rugby combined, in the US.

I just played in a tournament this weekend and got to see some of the top men’s and women’s teams in the world while I was there. I love watching that play at the highest level.

Here are some great highlights on YouTube from the national championships. This sport should definitely be televised.

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NCAA LAX, and Fencing

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Yes, definitely fencing.

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Fencing would be cool, although the stuff I have seen has happened so fast most of your time is spent watching slow replays.

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not a pro-sport but, frisbee golf

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Lacrosse, no doubt. It’s so full of contact and amazing plays that anyone would have to like watching it.

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oh and ping pong

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Parkour would be awesome! I would love that.

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@Megan: Right?! Parkour is unbelievable!

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nude vollyball

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Triathlons. Especially live – the big events.

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None… Get out of the house you lazy bum!

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