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What would be a good senior project dealing with animals or babies?

Asked by Eby109 (94points) August 21st, 2012

My friend and I are having a lot of trouble coming up with a topic for our senior projects and so far all we’ve decided was that we wanted it to do with babies or animals…

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Could you give more information about what is required of you in the Senior project? What exactly are you supposed to be making?

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Senior in high school or college? The way people normally come up with topics is through research. You start reading about babies, and find out some of the issues that scientists are dealing with right now. If any of those issues interests you, then you might research that in more depth. You narrow it down until you have something that isn’t to big to handle.

If it were me, I’d do something about how babies or animals learn. Or I might do an experiment where I stimulate a baby and a puppy in a similar way and see how they respond, and see whether their responses are different at different ages. I would track them over as long a period of time as I could. And of course, I’d ground my experiment by not reproducing experiments that had already been done, unless I wanted to check to see if I got the same results as the previous experiment.

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To continue: What the final project will be may make a difference in what to select. Are you going to present it to an audience? Is it a written essay? If so, how long? Are you required to make a film presentation? Did your admin or teacher give you a rubric? Could you show us the requirements of an A presentation?

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It is going to be a lot easier to find animals to work with instead of a group of babies, who are not hanging around in “Rent-a-baby” stations. Unless there is a day-care center near you who will allow you access.

We need a lot more specific details before we can suggest anything.

(My friend and I)

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How about “Animals as helpers to the sick or disabled?” Or you could limit it to particular disabilities.

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You could join the Linus Project that makes blankets for children.
If you don’t sew, you could still make it your project to publicize the organization by holding a sew-in or some such thing, at a local fabric store.

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ok so i have decided to do my project (high school senior project btw) on what factors affect the survival of premature babies. i would like to find a way to work with the babies so that i can use that information when i do my presentation….but i cant find a way to make that possible

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Preemies are fragile and you’re not likely to be able to do anything but observe, if that. Even the parents are only allowed short visits until the baby is considered out of danger.

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Is this for a research paper or a hands-on project? The topic of premature births and the effects is huge and can take several years before they are truly identified. If it is a research paper, it is just a matter of gathering the information already in existence. If it is a real project, it should be drilled down to one aspect of premature effects. Even then, it will be challenging.

Why not consider taking on a project of monitoring the care of a simulation baby by teens? There are several companies that offer this opportunity. They come with the supplies and a facilitator’s guide. While it also comes at a cost, there are probably plenty of people who would be willing to financially support the funding. Here is one such site, but there are plenty of others.

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Do a research paper showing how people with animals have decreased rates of depression/anxiety and live longer, healthier lives. A good project on babies would be research on babies mental health/self confidence/stats on birthed by mothers that are between the ages of 14–18.

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Parenting philosophies would be very interesting to study.

Also, sometimes you can volunteer at a hospital to hold preemies. I don’t know what the qualifications are for that though. Most likely it would include a thorough background check.

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