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Why are students late for class?

Asked by dhl (8points) November 9th, 2006
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They get caught up checking their email.
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They try to fit in as many small chores as possible before going to class.
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They're just starting to learn about over-extending themselves, and haven't figured out the importance of promptness. What time is the class?
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there are two reasons in my mind: 1) the teaching is bad and motivating to go is often difficult and 2) what do you really get from class anyway?
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maybe they haven't been told clearly that they are expected on time.
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Because they're probably not paying for school (or are via loans and don't realize yet)
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they haven't figured out how much 1 min of class time is worth
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I was usually still asleep in bed.
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I feel it is a combination of (1) lack of respect for the teacher, and (2) lack of discipline for themselves
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in high school.. sleep onset time phase delay
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circadian time rythms
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Sometimes it is to test the boundaries; see how "tough" the teacher is
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All of my classes at my acting studio in college had the policy that the doors were locked at the exact time it started, and no one-- no exceptions-- was ever allowed in late. If you had a scene, you let down your partner, and you only were allowed 2 absences a semester. It was the first time in my life I was consistently on time. I had to be.
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The R Train was determined to make me late. Unless it delivered my 45 minutes early.
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I agree with Peggylou
trying to do a million little chores before showing up
and always failing to show up on time, and get it all done

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I mean, I’m not in college yet, but if I were to guess it’s either 1. Sleep, 2. Hate The Teacher. 3. Hate The Class, 4. Are Dead. Most likely 1. though.

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they sleep in by pushing the snooze button on their clock hoping that they will feel better… but the sun keeps getting brighter and brighter. They might be suffering from depression.

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