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How to kill the sting of jellyfish?

Asked by Perchik (4992points) June 30th, 2007

My sister just called me from the beach, she was stung by a jellyfish. What can she put on it to help the sting?

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I'm told that the urine thing isn't just an urban myth. Has something to do with the ammonia in the urine interacting with the venom of the sting.

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You can use vinegar, salt water and yes - even wodka
Just in case she doesn't feel like peeing on herself or asking someone to do it for her ^^

More info on Wikipedia:

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Does anyone else appreciate the irony of this question, considering the site?

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not to mention the avatar used ^^.

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Read THIC's Wikipedia site. Urine is a BAD idea and reducing sting (and removing tentacle) depends on species. A Man of War is not a jellyfish, for example, but does have a fierce sting.

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vinegar causes the nematosist to solidify therefore the liquid inside of them doesn't irritate " sting" you. Pour it gently so it doesn't rupture the cell. The solidified cells easily then will rinse off with the vinigar. This is your best answer.

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Urine doesn’t work at all. I got a stung but a nasty on in Ocean City. I drank a whole pint and it still stung pretty damn bad.

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You…drank… the urine?

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Peeing on the sting or try pouring vinegar on it. Then seek medical attention. You did not state location. Some jellyfish are more venemous than others. Do not ingest anything. He was just joking. Connect with me directly via Twitter @ link

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The Mods. . . . then switch to another website for a brief rest, and allow the sting to subside, and the Mods to take care of The Stinger. If it is still smarting after that, I find a good stiff drink is just the ticket. . . . .for, ahem, Medicinal Purposes, of course.

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