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Have you come across anything new recently?

Asked by flutherother (26923points) August 21st, 2012

As we get older we find that there are fewer and fewer new things to discover. We become jaded unlike children to whom everything is fresh and new. What new thing have you found recently?

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Well, nothing under the sun, for the obvious reason. I’ll try to think back to see what else there might be, though.

EDIT: Oh, yeah. The hoverbike.

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Every day’s a school day for me… and yet I cannot think of something new to tell you guys.

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@MilkyWay I learn something new just about every day. It’s the fun part of life.

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All the time. All the time.

Sometimes it’s something I encounter in the world, whether it’s on the scale of a strange insect or a unique environment (for instance, the Badlands of South Dakota). Sometimes it’s something weird or wild that I happen across on the Internet. from a type of food that boggles the imagination (have a look at these ) to a surprising car.

And I frequently run across new words. As it happens, I’m currently reading this book a little at a time (nibbling at it, as if it were a giant candy bar), and it is full of them.

In this political season, I discover a lot of ideas that I wouldn’t have been capable of thinking of on my own. Blaming Obama for sunspot activity, for example.

I think that if a person stays actively open to new experiences and new ideas, he or she is sure to find them.

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Not sure if this counts but NASA is sending another probe to Mars in 2016 and do some digging to get core samples.

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I learned this weekend 17 month old boys will want to put a live frog in their mouths.

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We bought these bed sheets just last week &...........

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I’ve discovered the joys of electronic cigarettes. Not only has it got me off the death-sticks, it’s also an amazingly complex hobby all of its own, with the different kinds of kit and flavourings. I’m even learning how to make home-made “juices”.

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A lady at the bowling alley uses one, @downtide. It has been so long since I’ve seen anyone smoke in public inside a building, it sort of fascinates me to watch her. Plus, she is really sexy and has beautiful lips.

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I’m a knowledge seeker so yes, I learn something new all the time.
Most recently in my education on Rattlesnakes after my cat was bitten a month ago and I learned that they evolved on the plains and their rattle evolved to warn Bison and other large hooved mammals to not trample them. Maybe I should start wearing clogs around my deck and patio to sound more like a Buffalo. lol

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The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a wonderful Jellyfish exhibit.

There is a new charter school in our area, and my grandson won a Kindergarten lottery for one of the spaces available. Today was his first day.

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I was visiting a part of town that I hadn’t been to in years. There was a whole bunch of new restaurants on one particular street. Now I want to go back and try them all.

Also, there seems to be a new food trend that sounds fantastic to me, it’s a fusion of Mexican and Asian food. This one place has sweet potato rolled tacos on the menu! Why did no one ever think of that before?

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I just learned that the word “decimate” means to reduce by 1/10th, NOT, total annihilation.
I will now, forever more, notice the misuse of this word. Trivia like this gets branded into my head for eternity. lol

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@bkcunningham I was watching a group of people in a bar last night; one young woman had an e-cig and all her friends wanted to try it so it was getting passed round like a joint. It was amusing. And unusual to see people “smoking” in a bar. Some bars are catching on to the trend and selling disposable ones (at hugely inflated prices).

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