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What does sleep mean for you?

Asked by flutherother (32671points) August 21st, 2012

Some people love sleep others hate it. How do you feel about sleep. Do you enjoy it or do you feel it is a waste of time.

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I love sleeping. It’s a form of escape for me, I always look forward to going to bed because of that reason.

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I have a good bed and a really quiet place out in the country. I love to sleep after I get there.

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Sleep is awesome! I love it. I pass up sex for sleep sometimes that’s how much I love it.

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I enjoy sleeping and waking up the next day.

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I do it because it’s inevitable. I prefer to stay awake every moment I have on this Earth.

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@marinelife Waking up the next day is always a plus. When that doesn’t happen I’ll be bummed.

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I mostly hate the way it feels to be sleep-deprived. So I guess that technically what I love is not sleep, but the feeling that comes of having slept well.

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I love sleep. Come to think of it, one of my seven deadly sins might be sloth…
It’s a pharmakon. A drug that can cure or harm. When I’m depressed, all I want to do is sleep, but I don’t wake up feeling rested.
When I’m not depressed, however, sleep feels like a good reward for an active day. (And sometimes night ;) I love feeling tired in my limbs and my mind just as I’m drifting off… I also like to get excited about breakfast and coffee the next morning right before I fall asleep, haha…
And I’ve always had pretty cool dreams, so I enjoy that as well. I get lucid dreams pretty often, and I’ve met Kurt Cobain, Walt Whitman and Graham Chapman in dreams…

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When i’m really knackered, sleep is unbelievably attractive, a truly beautiful thing.

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I love the band Sleep. The Dopesmoker reissue is definitely one of my favorite albums this year.

After a 9–6 school day, sleep is the only thing that matters.

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I love to go to bed when I’m tired. Sleeping under warm covers on a cool night is almost magic.

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I love to sleep and usually have adventurous dreams which I remember and enjoy when I wake up.

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Sleep means better health. When I am sick, I do not get enough sleep. My braiin chemistry changes. I get depressed. My blood pressure rises and my cholesterol levels rise. Other things start to happen and they are all bad.

Sleep means health.

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Sleep means that I’m not sleep-deprived the next day which in turn means I won’t be as cranky.

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I love going to sleep but I also love the fact that I don’t need a great deal of it, so I can stay up pretty late without any problems the next day. I usually get 6–7 hours on a work night and 8 on a day off. If I sleep too much I get really cranky.

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Keeps me sane.

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I love crawling into my bed at night. I’m achy and tired and it feels so good. I read a bit and when my book starts dropping I know I need to put it down and turn out the light. Many times I wish that I could sleep longer and better. I am often restless and uncomfortable, but I treasure a good nights sleep.

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Sleep is an unobtainable mistress. I long for it’s enduring hold, but at best I have brief brushes against her.

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I second @Adirondackwannabe

I too have a great bed and live in the hills where falling asleep on summer nights is a serenade of crickets and hearing the horses tromping around below my deck and other mysterious things that go bump in the night. lol
I have a great viww from my windows and can lie in bed at night and stare into the trees canopy and see the moon and stars. My bedroom takes on a magical quality during the full moon.
I LOVE sleeping, infact I finally feel GREAT today after two weeks of a heat wave and staying up really late involved in some of my interests. I slept almost 10 hours last night, man, I feel like a new woman today!

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Try keeping me from sleeping and you will find out. Even my dog knows that once I’m in bed asleep he better not wake me unless its something important. After years of listening to my daughters breathing (she is asthmatic) till she was grown and living on her own, I have learned to enjoy my down time when I can get it. I just close my eyes most nights and I’m in a deep slumber in minutes.
Its the best way to rejuvenate I know.

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Sleep is the best thing ever, pretty much. The best thing it does for me is help me recover from pain flare ups. I slept for 14 or 15 hours today, with a one hour break of awake time in between.

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Good relaxation for the mind and the body. Your eyes gets rested and you feel at ease.

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I have told family members to never call after bedtime, my reasoning is that if someone’s dead at 2 a.m. they will be just as dead at 7a.m. Do not wake me up!
You’re getting your eternal rest now and I need my temporary

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I get a short reprieve from all that hurts me. Even though when I wake up it’s right there like being sucked into a hay bailer.

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