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Any idea for an epic movie that you would like to see produced?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) August 21st, 2012

It’s fine if it has been done before. It’s possible today’s sfx technology could improve it. Or not. Better if it is an idea never been filmed and would make the rest of us wonder why the film world is taking so long to produce it. I’d like to see a new take on the life and times of Julius Ceasar, probably with Ang Lee directing. Or a sci-fi epic where vampires and werewolves battle robots for world domination.

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I don’t know about “epic” maybe, but, I’d like to see more quality westerns again, like Tombstone and the old J.W. movie ” The Cowboys.”
Tombstone was the last, truly great, western produced in the 90’s IMO.

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The full story from first contact through the Trail of Tears to the establishment of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma of today.

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We really need to do some mother truckin’ Godzilla remakes with the original villains!


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I want the remake version of Gone with the wind.

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Not just an epic movie but a series of films describing what happens when Man makes contact with an alien civilisation.

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Massacre on Walton’s Prairie.
A story of two warring families, passionate affairs, pagan ritual sacrifice, culminating in a nail-biting epic finale where both matriachs battle over who makes the best meatloaf.
My money’s on Caroline.

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The Odyssey

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The “Chronicles of Gor” series

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The Real Brady Bunch with modern themes and horrible secrets uncovered. And how people hide things.

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The Tripods book trilogy is one that desperately needs to be made into a movie. The BBC television series not only took liberties with the story line, but was cut short. Disney has been rumored with producing a movie based upon the books for years, and it doesn’t look like it will be out this year as planned.

This post-apocalyptic tale of Earth’s alien invasion is an epic movie in the making. It needs to be done well, too.

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The biography of Milo, in real time.

Starring MIlo
Directed by Milo
Produced by Gail (the purse)
Costumes, Set-design, Music, Special effects, Post production, publicity…by guess who?

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a Top Gear Movie.

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@reijinni That would so be a money-maker.

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Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle would be Epic. Sword play, great masted ships, world domination, stealing gold, ...

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@Coloma, what about the Coen Brothers’ version of “True Grit”? I thought it was much better than the original John Wayne vehicle (although I liked Glen Campbell over Matt Damon, for some reason…), and it’s more recent than “Tombstone”.

Most epics are well done, or classics, and I wouldn’t want to re-make them or tamper with them (on the whole, I loathe the idea of remakes, and I’m a bit annoyed with Hollywood for rushing to remake everything and anything they can get their hands on. Most films are either good the first time around, or they were so horrible they should be left alone…), but as long as we’re discussing this, here’s a few I wouldn’t mind re-doing, or developing.

I’d love to see a decent take on Alexander the Great. I don’t think Burton’s interpretation or the recent disaster by Oliver Stone does justice to one of the most important historical figures of antiquity. For that matter, I think the Trojan War deserves better treatment than it’s gotten.

“Cleopatra” was one of the final epics (not to mention an epic disaster) at the tail end of a period filled with epics. Taylor and Burton notwithstanding, this is one I’d be fine with someone doing a (decent!) remake. Another romantic epic I would love to see get proper treatment would be the story of Tristram and Iseult. It’s been done, but not as good as it could’ve been.

Abel Gance’s masterpiece aside, I think Napoleon is long overdue for an epic biopic of his own.

Would love to see something non-European/non-Western; perhaps the story of the Taiping Rebellion. For Central/South America, maybe the story of the end of the Inca empire, or a decent version of the fall of the Aztecs (“Captain From Castile” and “Apocalypto” notwithstanding). Perhaps an epic about the Mexican Revolution… As for an epic biopic, maybe Simon Bolivar.

There’s always legends and myth, and it might be nice to explore some that aren’t Roman or Greek. For example, the Scandinavian Völsungsasaga has a lot of great material to mine, from the story of Volsung’s children, including Sigmund and Signy, to Sigmund’s son Sigurd and his tragic romance with Brynhild (cue Elmer Fudd here: “Oh, Bwunhilda, you’re so wuvwy…”).

What else? I’ve always thought the California Gold Rush merited epic treatment on the big screen. There’s tons of other stories I’d love to see, but I think what I’ve outlined here is good enough for now…

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@AngryWhiteMale I would be excited with another Alexander the Great epic, you’re right. There’s a recently released book about Cleopatra too that might be a good jumping point for another epic about her.

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I’d like to see Johnny Depp play Ernest Shackleton, the captain that saved his Endurance crew, when they became stuck in the ice in Antarctica

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@Kardamom Good one! George Clooney might grab that one though.

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^^ That would be a good choice too, except that I think Johnny Depp already has the British accent thing down. I can’t imagine George Clooney doing a Brit accent, but I would be curious to hear that ; – P

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I would like to see a really really high budget CGI full blown zombie movie. Lots of good zombie movies have been made, but I’d like to see one that had full thriller value and no campy cheesiness.

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@keobooks It seems your wish would soon come true. World War Z with Brad Pitt is coming. : )

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@mazingerz88, all steam ahead on Alexander, then! Who do you think should tackle it this time around?

Had no idea there was a new book out about Cleopatra. Given how Hollywood has handled epics of late, though, I’m a bit leery of what casting will do there…

@Kardamom, I don’t think Depp would be a good choice for that role, perhaps, but doing a movie on Shackleton would be interesting. Good suggestion!

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@AngryWhiteMale Can’t think of anyone right now. I don’t know whether a certain producer chose Oliver Stone to do it or Stone peddled his script and got bought. Wasn’t that Warner Bros.? If it was, a friend who works there, if my memory serves me right, told me they lost quite a bit of money there.

People just didn’t warm up to it. It had everything of what an epic movie should have but it just didn’t click. Farrell? Overblown production design? The writing?

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One book about an epic jjourney that I’ve always wanted to see made into a movie is Voss(novel) by Patrick White. It’s one of those books that I probably picked up for 25 cents from a sidewalk book reseller. It really made an impression on me.
Here’s a brief description from Wikipedia:
“Johann Ulrich Voss sets out to cross the Australian continent in 1845. After collecting a party of settlers and two Aborigines, his party heads inland from the coast only to meet endless adversity. The explorers cross drought-plagued desert then waterlogged lands until they retreat to a cave where they lie for weeks waiting for the rain to stop. Voss and Laura retain a connection despite Voss’s absence and the story intersperses developments in each of their lives. Laura adopts an orphaned child and attends a ball during Voss’s absence.
The travelling party splits in two and nearly all members eventually perish. The story ends some twenty years later at a garden party hosted by Laura’s cousin Belle Radclyffe (née Bonner) on the day of the unveiling of a statue of Voss. The party is also attended by Laura Trevelyan and the one remaining member of Voss’s expeditionary party, Mr Judd.
The strength of the novel comes not from the physical description of the events in the story but from the explorers’ passion, insight and doom. The novel draws heavily on the complex character of Voss.”

If you read the Wikipedia article further it says that it was almost made into a movie but the producer didn’t want Donald Sutherland for the part. I totally agree that he would have been all wrong for it. I think Christian Bale would be a perfect choice!

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@mazingerz88, it was a Stone vehicle all the way. He even considered Tom Cruise in the title role. bleargh Sorry, Cruise as Alexander the Great? Does not compute. Heath Ledger was also considered, and perhaps with a different director and script, that casting might’ve worked… Yep, it was Warner Brothers.

The writing always makes a difference, but direction completes it as well. Stone has made some great stuff, but he hasn’t exactly been batting them out of the park lately.

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I’ve been watching the old Bucky O Hare cartoon on Youtube and I think a CGI movie would be great.

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