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Are you good at coming up with clever names for things?

Asked by DigitalBlue (7072points) August 22nd, 2012

I don’t really mean naming children or pets… more like names for products, book titles, naming a blog or a shop, characters, etc.

I have never been good at coming up with creative or clever names for things, and I often find that if I have to name something, I will never get any further than that. Is there a trick to coming up with catchy titles, or is it a natural gift?

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It’s weird… I’m good at coming up with names for potential things. Things that don’t actually exist, in other words. Which is really kind of an unhelpful skill to have, if you ask me. But if you ask me to come up with a name for a specific, actual thing, I’m much more hit and miss. Every once in a while, a winner pops into my head, but most of the time, I’m stuck.

I couldn’t begin to figure out where the winners come from. Sorry. :)

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I think I have a pretty good trait in making up names, but I do not know if they are clever. It takes a lot of thought; not something that an advertiser may come up with immediately because it is cliche or catchy.

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I’m pretty good at naming book characters, I just start with the character description and before I’m done they have a name.

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There are probably those that have some sort of natural talent for it. In these cases, they usually rely on different ways of coming up with one.

In my limited experience, it is more often a collaborative effort. Participating in a brain-storming session that is well facilitated can get the creative juices flowing. Then the group votes on the best choice. This is often the case with movie and book titles, band and baby names.

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Given a subject, I can come up with names. Some of them are clever; others are duds. Brainstorming with others is helpful too.

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I have a wacked ability to come up with names, but it’s mainly because my mind can go in some very strange directions. I have this ability to just let it go and the rest of me just follows along.

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Usually, I find a brain storming process works. You generate a lot of ideas at the beginning, and then you winnow through them. Then you use what is left over to start generating more ideas. Then you winnow. You do this until you find something you like.

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Came up with kid robot names years ago which an animator friend of mine designed into very cute characters. Babex Frontlight, Whir Dashboard, Pluggy Socket and Crank Toolbox. The villain’s name was Master Turbine and his minions were called Melto Boxers. Good? You be the judge. : )

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Yes, that is actually one of the word games that my brother and I play when we go on day trips, for adventure, when its just the two of us. We come up with some of the most hilarious things.

Since this one will never come to fruition, of my own hand, anybody can take it and run with it if they like. I was thinking that I am a woman in my late 40’s, but I don’t consider myself to be old, even though society starts dissing women around my age, I thought wouldn’t it be nice if there was a women’s lingerie/underwear commpany that made flattering/cute underwear styles for people who are not anorexic, rail thin supermodels. Victoria’s Secret just doesn’t do it for me, it’s too flashy, and wouldn’t fit and would look silly on most of us.

So my name for my cute underwear line for mature women would be called Late Bloomers.

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@Kardamom that is adorable and brilliant. Love it.

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