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I am part of the IMVU chat portal and their new client is shutting my computer off?

Asked by Shippy (9889points) August 22nd, 2012

IMVU is a virtual chat portal and has a lot of graphics. I do design and 3D developing there. It’s really nice, if none of you have seen it. They do update their client regularly, this time, as sometimes before, it simply turns my computer off. So then it powers off and restarts. In the past I have asked for older client versions to use, this helped but cant find one currently. Is there anyway I can stop it powering down? Everything else is running OK on my system. I am on XP Prof.

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They’ve made it difficult to access some of the older client versions. Have you recently done an update or does your client need to be updated? Did you report in the issues & bug reporting forum?

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I did manage to find an earlier version and it is working!! I had deleted both my accounts but now I managed to get one re activated so not sure if I missed updates no doubt the update is in the new download. So far this version I have is working. Thank you.

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