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What is the scariest scene in a TV show have you seen?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26851points) August 22nd, 2012

There was one episode of the X Files many years ago. There was this Dad who woke up one night and found out her young wheelchair bound daughter was not in the house. He saw her from behind, outside, kneeling in the middle of the street, looking up. He then saw her face, her eyes missing.

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When I first clapped eyes on this horrific vista as a kid, I was so bloody terrified I slept with my mommy for the next 12 years!!!

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I remember that scene from the X-Files! That one and countless others from that show gave me the creeps.

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The scariest was the scene from an episode of The Twilight Zone (if memory serves me well), where a woman in the tropics survives a harrowing and painful experience of an earwig eating its way through her brain. The good news from the local doctor is that she survived. The bad news is that the earwig was a female and laid eggs in her brain.

There was no truth to the story, of course, but it scared the daylights out of me at the time. It also made for a good horror story at sleepovers.

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Trilogy of Terror, the crazy little fetish doll/monster

The kid at the window creeped me out too..

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Ewww that is a terrifying X Files! Before I even read yours I was thinking this other episode of the X Files where there is this like, midget weird tiny Indian dude who scoots around on this little scooter thing with wheels that are always creaking and he creeps up on people and kills them, I think. I don’t remember it too well, I was hiding under a blanket half the time. But, my ex and I watched the entire X Files series together, and there were only a few that actually scared me, but he was away once and that was the ONLY episode I ever watched alone, and I was TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well this is going to sound stupid lol, but it really does freak me out every time…a part in Ren & Stimpy. The episode is called ’‘Hermit Ren’’, in which Ren is sake to death of Stimpy, and everyone really…and decides to go live in a cave as a hermit.
So shortly after he gets in his cave, he finds a type of mummy. Like a body wrapped in some kind of big burlap sack, and tied up with ropes. Se he props it up on a rock in a sitting position. (he calls it a mummified bugman)

Later though, Ren starts going crazy because he’s spent too much time alone. (like three years, according to the show, if I recall) He’s hallucinating and freaking out. Eventually he hears a voice, and looks at his mummy. Except it’s not as he placed it anymore…the head is hanging down…he looks at it again, and it’s changed positions again. That, for some reason, freaked me out…but he looks at it a third time, and this time Ren sees himself as the mummy. Every single time that part comes up, I get goosebumps everywhere. It freaks me the fuck out, and I’m not sure why at all. The entire feeling of insanity and dread is so well conveyed…maybe it’s because the whole time, you’re supposed to know the mummy doesn’t change, it’s Ren freaking out…or maybe it’s the music/sound (don’t even know what to call it) that starts blaring as Ren sees himself all mummified.

Ren also freaks out and runs off like mad…but I swear man, I just can’t hack this part it scares me every time. Unfortunately, I can’t find a video of it at all. :(

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There is this one episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog that I refuse to watch because it creeped me out so much. I don’t want to think about it.

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I can’t remember something on TV that scared me, although something must have. I read Salem’s Lot when it first came out and to this day I will not have a doormat that says WELCOME lest some vampire takes it as an invitation.

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X-Files always creeped me out and still does.
But I think the scariest thing I’ve seen was that scene in Willy-Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where they float away in the elevator…I don’t know why that scared me so much..

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The part where the nominee (any nominee; from any party) strides up to the podium to thunderous applause from a rabid crowd, smiles broadly and says, “I accept my Party’s nomination to be the next President of the United States.” The applause deepens.

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@CWOTUS Horrible, horrible show indeed. Lol.

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OK, I know this is not what you mean, but I thought of something on TV that SCARES me. I used to love watching ice skating competitions, but the push for more difficult jumps has increased the likelihood the skater will fall. As soon as the commentator mentions that a difficult jump is coming up I get so scared I can’t watch. I don’t watch skating ant more – too scary. (silly, isn’t it?)

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