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Can you help with an interesting title for teaching materials?

Asked by Yeahright (2749points) August 22nd, 2012

I am preparing, organizing, and putting together some teaching materials for a college course that is split into two courses. I’m looking for some help and ideas on how to organize the materials into two texts/guides, one for each course respectively: Course I and Course II. (Courses are ESP related.)

How should I refer to such materials compilation? Text?

I’d like ideas on:
• Title for the text/guide
• The main division of the contents is: Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3. I need a name for the sub-divisions of each unit (I also have 3 sub-divisions for each unit). Like this:
Unit 1
• Each subdivision has materials for one full lesson and contains: theory, exercises and readings. What name can I give to the theory section?
• If I include two or more readings. What name is better: Reading 1, Reading 2 or Text 1 or Text 2, or…?
• At the end of the book I am planning to include extra info such as special vocabulary, glossaries, graphic organizers, Exams Format model. How should I label this section?

All ideas/comments are greatly appreciated.

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ESP as in Extra-sensory Perception?

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I did a Web search on ESP. I am guessing that the course is for English for Special Purposes and not Extrasensory Perception. I need more specific information on what is being covered.

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@LostInParadise Yes, ESP as in English for Special Purposes. Materials cover sentence structure, reading strategies, new vocabulary and reading selections.

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To me, a straightforward title makes sense,

Your students are interested in the contents and not the labels.

If it’s text, call it text.

If it’s theory, call it theory.

Extra material is a good label for extra material. Additional material, appendix?

You have already essentially done all the work by describing it to us. I know what you mean.

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@gailcalled Thanks, Gail . Yes, I’m aware that labels are not more important than the content itself. But the more I get into teaching material design, the more important that the creative part becomes. Titles, labels, formats, all are part of creating materials that not only emphasizes content, but also focuses on presentation thereby appealing to certain types of students and ultimately addressing learning styles.

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Oh, dear. It sounds like a huge amount of work and time devoted to the wrong things.

Do you tend to have a playful personality or are you working against type? I was, when teaching, a stand -up comedian, but it came naturally.

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I could get into a discussion on …huge amount of work and time devoted to the wrong things. But, I’d rather concentrate on listening to some ideas to my initial concerns about labels, titles, sub-divisions, etc.

I fail to see what could possibly be wrong with devoting work and time to developing effective professional teaching materials.

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By wrong things, I was referring only to your titles, labels, and subdivisions.

I think that the course description is admirable.

But I can’t help with your original question. Sorry.

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Me too. When I said “wrong ” I was also referring to your labeling of titles, labels and subdivisions as “wrong things”.

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What sounds better?

Unit 1
•Lesson/Section/Part 1
•Lesson/Section/Part 2

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Lesson 1
Lesson 2

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