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How do I stream on the Wii for free(which also means other than Netflix)?

Asked by DarknessWithin (987points) August 22nd, 2012

I’d like to be able to stream my favorite tv show whose second season has yet to be released on DVD on my wii but I am not sure how to do it without Netflix which I don’t have(my mom cancelled hers last year) and can’t get being jobless. The websites I usually stream with on my laptop don’t work on the wii because of codecs or plugins depending on the host I try. Or some just don’t work.

I have come across multiple websites that describe downloads that would allow it but they require something with the PC which I don’t understand.

Does anyone know what I could do?

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The problem is you need a Microsoft subscription to stream on the Wii. I think it’s $50 a year.

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I have no clue if it works or not cause I havent tried and there may be the whole codec issue but try using the browser and going to alternativelt you could invest a bit of money to get the cables to just hook your PC up to your tv and do it like that. You don’t even need a fancy new tv with the PC input, they make PC to AVI cords.

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Sorry, I confused my son’s XBox with his Wii.

I don’t think you can stream through the Wii.

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You could always softmod your Wii (at your own risk of course). From there you have a better chance at doing what you want to do. ( )

Otherwise, Netflix would be your only recourse for streaming video. You can get a 30 day free trial if you use a credit card that’s never been used for Netflix before. Just cancel before they charge it.

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@uberbatman interesting that happens to be one of my streaming sites. What is alternativeIT, how do I use it? I am afraid I am not understanding.

@gambitking why is this softmodding at my own risk? I did consider doing the Netflix free trial. Maybe that will be long enough for me to get my new ipad. My family is pitching in for one for receiving my liberal arts degree. See I am with a fansite that does rewatches and I need a way to not use my laptop for the streaming because it slows down the fansites chatroom. But with an ipad I can be in the chat room on it and stream on my laptop.

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