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Should I drain before recharging?

Asked by Glassesman (7points) August 22nd, 2012

Should I drain my iPhone 4s battery before recharging? I’ve had the phone for about a week and I keep recharging it when the battery indicator is about half…is that bad?

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No, recharge it whenever you need too. It’s honestly better for the device to remain plugged up because its running off the wall not the battery.

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I asked about that practice when I bought a new camera recently. The salesman said they’re making batteries better than they used to and so you don’t have to do that any more. You can just recharge.

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Most things nowadays use Li-Poly batteries which need a full drain-and-charge cycle only for the first charge, and about once a month afterwards, and that mostly to keep the monitoring circuit calibrated to account for cell wear.

Now, cheaper/older items that use NiCad batteries require this religiously. In fact, NiCads memory effect is the cause for many of the bad things associated with rechargeables.

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Li-ion batteries might get damaged if they go down to 0 charge too often. 50% is the happy zone.

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@RocketGuy True, but the circuitry usually shuts the device down before 0%; my Droid X refuses to go below 5%, and I have to start overriding shutdowns at 15%. Other devices I have behave similarly. Therefore, I wouldn’t worry about out for a device that sees daily use, though I would leave a 40–50% charge if I planned to not use something for a while

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I’ll bet some devices have a non-zero limit, but show it as 0% so normal people don’t ruin their batteries. I know the Tesla Roadster does that.

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@RocketGuy Precisely. Not only has battery technology come a long way, so have the methods of managing them.

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