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Most comfortable flat shoes/ ballet slippers?

Asked by occ (4083points) August 22nd, 2012

I’m looking for a pair of super comfortable women’s flats or ballet slippers. Anyone have recommendations for really very comfortable shoes – the kind you could really walk in or go dancing in without blisters? I have flat feet so anything with any padding or arch support is a plus. A little bit of height with a tiny wedge or wide heel would be okay but not really more than an inch or so. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Perhaps genuine dance shoes, like these tap shoes?

“Features a non slip rubber pad that is located behind the tap, firm heel counter and light toe box for support and a snug fit while maintaining comfort. The black and white patent features a PVC upper while the other colors feature a PU upper. Other features include a foam padded foot bed, an Achilles pad for comfort, elastic sewn in between the eyelets, and a gross grain ribbon.

They also come in black and white. The heel looks like 1” at best. And you could probably slip a Dr. Scholl’s pad inside. They can be trimmed to fit.

Planning on standing in a meadow one of these days?

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Real ballet slippers you can’t wear out on the street, they will wear down too fast. If you are only going to wear them indoors and want to try the ballets shoes I recommend the brand Bloch. If you go to a dance shop, they will have all sorts of ballet shoes, and dance shoes. Dance/jazz shoes in varying heel heights, including a classic looking not so high heel and dance sneakers, that have a split sole, so you can easily bend your foot. Bloch sneakers tend to run wider than Capezio, so if you have a narrow foot the Capezio might fit better. Not that bloch are very wide, it is a subtle difference betwene the brands. Ballet shoes it is irrelevant, because they come in many widths. It is very difficult to buy these shoes online the first time in my opinion, better to go tot a store and try them on and find what size fits.

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A really pretty flat ballet slipper which is very very comfortable is the Valerie flat by Tahari. I have them in multiple colors and even purchased spares at DSW. I highly recommend this shoe.

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@occ Did you mean actual ballet shoes? Or, ballet style street shoes? The Bloch site also has fashion “ballet” flats if you search the shoes. Many vendors are making that style now, you can probably go to and find a variety.

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I tried on this pair this weekend. They were very nicely cut and very comfortable. I would have bought them but I came to the store looking for sneakers which I desperately needed to go hiking.. I ended up spending $100 on those so the ballet flats will have to wait. They were very comfortable.

Here is another possibility and here and here

I really like a bit of a wedge or heel. For me the problem with a lot of a ballet flats is the thin sole and no arch support. I just don’t find shoes like that comfortable especially if I’m doing a lot of walking in them. Good luck with your search.

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