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What's your biggest fear?

Asked by augama (106points) June 3rd, 2008
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I have a tie for two things that I am most fearful of… Clowns, and Spiders… both freak me out!

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balconies. i hate being on high balconies because i always think they are going to break and i will fall. i am not afraid of heights but i hate the balconies. my grandma has a penthouse 11th floor in florida, and i can never lean over the glass railing because i think it will break and i will fall to the ground

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Clowns and Snakes

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Fear itself.

As Ze Frank points out, nothing is scarier than recursive fear.

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Lets go with something happening to a family member. Not on my mind all the time, but that’s what I fear most in life.

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Like Megan I fear something happening to a family member. I sometimes have these moments where I will suddenly descend down into dispair thinking about various things that could have happened to a family member. My mind tends to over react at moments like that.

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Creepy Hobo’s or maybe a Clown Hobo!!!

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Small spaces and air supply being cut off

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I’m scared that everything that I do in life will be a complete waste because in 20 years there will be a big revolution that changes the world as we know it.

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Something happening to someone I care for. That, and the carnaval ride in the efteling .

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getting old.

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Clowns?...even when you’re a ground-up?...really?

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I can tollerate clowns but yeah they pretty much freak me the f*ck out lol

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Wow, I was thinking my fear was weird: birds with big claws, owls are the worst to me.

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when I was little I had a dream that I had a son that was crying, and it was on Christmas day. He was crying because he didnt have a single gift waiting for me. In my dream we could not afford it

Not being able to provide is my biggest fear.

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My man is terrified of moths, don’t ask me why lol he just is….

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I’m spider phobic, I hate spiders.

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drowning… cause i dont know how to swim

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I’ll be baned from Fluther…. Forever….
Okay really…
That one of the Redwood trees I/we live in will come crashing down into our house….

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passing out on a public toilet

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