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What do you do if someone's dog pees on your leg at the dog park?

Asked by Whattodo (101points) June 3rd, 2008

This really happened to my friend. For that matter, what if it’s your dog who does this to a total stranger?

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complain to the owner ofcourse…or just unzip and pee all over the dog

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Return the favor and go pee on the owner of the dog.

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Gently push it away with my foot, quickly.

To a lot of people this may look like a kick, but it’s not.

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i am biased because i really hate dogs, but i would make it look like i was pushing the dog away but i would basically kick it hard. or like mentioned, pee on the dog

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Cry and then kick the crap out of the dog

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hmmm, not very animal friendly don’t you think?

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that was going to be the same as my response but i figured i would incite a little animal cruelty argument… Michael Vick…

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Maybe if u got peed on you were standing still for to long and deserved it.

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no, i can stand for as long as i want and a dog shouldnt pee on me

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If the dog’s owner is hot, I would use the situation as an ice breaker. Perhaps you can go to her place and she can take your pants off and wash then for you. It’s the least she can do :)

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@lamaison, nice. i never thought of that. i would for sure go that route if she was hot

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the #2 rule while at a dog park is to watch your ankles and legs- usually against nipping.

#1 rule- pick up.

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Dogs like to pee where other dogs have been peeing before…

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lol thats cute!

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I would scream like a girly-girl (even though I’m not) and then probably laugh at myself.

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@notreallyhere, I love how you have your dog as your icon photo – it made it look like the dog wrote the words!

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@trusting…he did. And I’ve already told him to stay away from my computer…he’s a bad dog!!!

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As long as the owner was really embarrassed and apologized I’d let it go. A little pee on the bottom of my jeans isn’t going to kill me.

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laugh hahaha

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The owner would get their nose rubbed in it and told “bad owner, bad”.

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I don’t know. My dog went to the Beardie Picnic (all Bearded Collies) and promptly lifted his leg and peed on someone’s picnic cooler. We just grabbed him (bad dog, Ollie!!!) and got him out of there before anyone processed what had just happened.

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