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What are the consequences of low BP?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10057points) August 23rd, 2012

I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, so my doc put me on medication. Now it seems my blood pressure is too low, 99/62, 90/53, 99/66, 92/57, and 107/57 the past several weeks. This got me to thinking, what are the consequences and long-term effects of low blood pressure?

I don’t feel dizzy. The only thing I’ve noticed, I can’t run maybe as fast as I used to, but other than that, I’ve not noticed any other effect.

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I’m not a doctor.

You can drop dead from it. At minimum faint. And then if you hit your head or crash your car when you faint you can hurt yourself or others. But, you said you aren’t dizzy or spacey from it, so that is probably very unlikely. It can cause organ damage if not enough blood is getting to organs, like heart, brain, kidney. But, again probably unlikely for you, since you are not having symptoms.

Are those blood pressure readings first thing in the morning? Are you laying down? Are you a small petite person? A large tall person? Some people have those pressures as their normal, mine is easily those numbers in the morning. During the day I am up at 120/70 more or less. Why not talk to your doctor about adjusting your meds a little? I’m not a doctor, and I don’t personally have blood pressure problems (accept when my thyroid is out of whack, but I treat it with my thyroid medication not blood pressure medication) so I don’t know if blood pressure meds come in small increments where you can change the dose just a small amount?

Dr. Mercola was just on Dr. Oz a few weeks ago warning against low blood pressure induced by high blood pressure treatments. Dr. Oz was more focused and concerned about high blood pressure during the segment. Mercola was concerned about high blood pressure too, he just prefers life changes rather than meds, and warned against patients being overmedicated. Many doctors are not fond of Dr. Mercola, I like the guy because he does not just go only with the umbrella of belief, he is more analytical in my opinion, and he gets annoyed with the medical establishment. From the link it seems clear that low blood pressure concerns also have to be considered in concert with your other health problems you might have.

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The numbers you quote are at the low end of normal but as long as it is not causing any symptoms it is not really a problem.

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I have really low blood pressure. It seems that in the US it isn’t treated as a condition at all. I think it might contribute to fatigue.

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Your lows @2davidc8 sound like my highs. ;)

You could faint if it drops quickly, otherwise nothing will happen.

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It seems that what you usually hear about these is high blood pressure, so I’m well aware of the dangers of that. So is everyone else, I suppose, as these are well known. It would also seem that high BP is much more prevalent than low BP. In fact, that’s what I had before I went on the meds.

My doc thinks that my BP is now too low, and he wants me to cut back on the meds, but frankly, I kinda like having low BP and feel “safer”, if you know what I mean.

So, I was wondering if any other jellies out there ever had low BP and what were the side effects.

@JLeslie The readings are from various times in the afternoon. As I said, the only effect I’ve noticed so far is that I can’t run as fast. I don’t feel dizzy or fatigued.

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I agree with your doctor actually, because when you are that low you can dip too low. Last night I felt like shit. I got out the blood pressure cuff, and my BP was 95/50. I just scheduled a blood test.

I have a friend whose vitamin B12 is nornal, but very close to being considered low. I think her doctor is an idiot for not telling her to take some extra B12. She doesn’t have that tested every few months, so if she did move into the low range she would not know for months maybe. Low B12 is very bad for the body. So, the difference is you can check yourself daily, and gauge how you feel and reduce your meds if you do see your pressure dropping too much.

I personally like to be around 110/70. I feel better, have some room in both directions, and it is near my natural blood pressure when I did not have a thyroid problem. But, people can vary a lot for what pressure makes them symptomatic or not.

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@JLeslie How is B12 involved with blood pressure?

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@2davidc8 It’s not. Not that I know of. It’s just another medical example of playing it close to the edge, why be at the minimum number when you can control it? Being down at the minimum means you can easily fall below a safe number.

It’s just an example to further show why I agree with your doctor.

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