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Isn't the Universe awesome?

Asked by ETpro (34436points) August 23rd, 2012

Watch this video of our Awesome Metal Universe. Isn’t it all too wondrous for words?

I think that those who fight the War on Science must have no earthly idea what level of enemy they are attacking. Who is going to win?

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Last night I was trying to create some music for a documentary. So watching this music video takes on a different meaning for me now. They were working from the music, and trying to find images that could provide more meaning for the music. I was going the other way—looking at images and trying to come up with sounds that push the story forward.

To be able to work melding images and music and to end up having people like @ETpro say it is too wondrous for words is amazing. If the authors of this film knew, I’m sure they would feel very proud.

It’s scary though. Either it works or it doesn’t. Or it works for the right people or only the wrong people get it.

But it’s art and it works or it fails. Either you tell your story and it is compelling, or no one sees it.

What is awesome is to be able to tell a compelling story that no one can ignore. A story that will grab you in five seconds!

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It’s pretty swell; beautiful editing and transitions that would bring a tear to Escher’s eye. To paraphrase Bill Meyers, God must get a lot of compliments with something like that hanging in His living room.

I don’t think that we have a War on Science, at least not on any appreciable scale. Science is the exploration of God’s creation, so anti-science types are up against no less than the Creator.

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Yes, completely magnificently incredibly awesome. Thanks for the video!! :)

Waging a war on science is ridiculous—science exists regardless of whether humans pursue its study or not.

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Good stuff. Always nice to see people inspired by things I find pretty inspiring myself, even more so when set to a little Insomnium.

Perhaps if we’d focus on teaching people how to think rather than what to think there’d be a little less of the entrenched divisiveness we see today.

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@wonderingwhy Nope, gotta convert those religious people.~

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That was a marvelous video & if we humans could stop fighting each other, we might be able to take science in new directions & actually find a way to escape the gravity of our planet & our galaxy & explore the universe.

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That was a great start to my day @ETpro. Sort of puts things in perspective. I watched it a few hours ago. Nice.

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Awesome indeed. Would have been splendidly awesome watching while munching on some special kind of brownies. Wooot-! If I have Tiger’s Woods money, this would be on display on my walls, floors and ceiling. Then I’ll invite everybody over for brownies. Lol.

Ok, enough awesome universe…time for booooobies!

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@wundayatta I am constantly amazed by the talent of good composers who can set a scene they are given to perfect music.

@Nullo You see an intelligent designer. I see sheer intelligence as the design. But I am glad we both can marvel at the grandeur before us.

@linguaphile How true. The Sun didn’t suddenly pop to the center of the solar system when most men finally realized that’s where it was—nor even when the pope finally got around to admitting the church’s error in 1992. It had been there since the solar system formed 4.8 billion years ago.

@wonderingwhy Is that Insomnium? What song?

@hiphiphopflipflapflop Funny, but he quit just as it was getting interesting. I guess it just blew his mind. :-)

@Linda_Owl Amen to that thought.

@Bellatrix Glad to spread good vibes.

@mazingerz88 That would have put the experience into a whole new dimension.

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@ETpro Inertia; track 1 from their 2011 album One for Sorrow.

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Awesome music. I love the pairing of Inertia and Oneforsorrow here. Thanks fo introducing me to this group.

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